Phuture Phoenix to host campus visit for local seventh graders

Phuture Phoenix will host nearly 1,300 seventh graders from Green Bay on campus on April 26 and 27 from 9:00am – 2:00pm. During these visits, students will tour the buildings and learn more about college as a postsecondary option available to them. While they are here, the middle school visitors will learn about financial aid options, engage in a career literacy activity and learn about life as a college student at UW-Green Bay.

Current UW-Green Bay students will volunteer as Role Models to lead the tours giving them the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills while connecting with their community. These experiences are inspiring and impactful for everyone involved. It’s wonderful to see our area youth dare to dream about their own future and view college as within their reach. Pre-college experiences like the campus visit are an important part of helping students understand their post-secondary options and set their goals for higher education.

Please direct any questions about campus visits to Michelle Wolfe or call 920-465-5170 to find out more.

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