Classified Staff Advisory Council sets roster for 2014-15

The Classified Staff Advisory Council recently held elections and re-elected officers. Here’s the new 2014/15 Classified Staff Council, with officers:
• Ruth Pearson, Professional Program in Nursing (Chair) (2013-15 term)

• Amanda Wildenberg, Dean of Students Office (Co-chair) (2014-16)

• Amy Ibuaka, Phoenix Bookstore (Treasurer) (2013-15)

• Tina Tackmier, Student Life (Secretary) (2013-15)

• Brenda Beck, Human Development, Information/Computing Science (2013-15)

• Kevin Boerschinger, Computing and Information Technology (2014-16)

• Sandy Folsom, Outreach and Adult Access (2014-16)

• Liz Hessler, NEW Partnership for Children and Family (2014-16)

• Cheryl Pieper, Controllers Office (2013-15)

• Monika Pynaker, Computing and Information Technology (2014-16)

• Jan Snyder, Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (2014-16)

• Paul Wikgren, Business & Finance (2013-15)

Update on CSAC

The Classified Staff Advisory Council invites all members of the classified staff to get involved. If you’d like to learn more, you might check out the monthly meetings held the third Thursday of each month. All are welcome to attend. Among recent and future issues and activities: Jan Snyder and Kevin Boerschinger co-chair the committee writing Classified Staff By-Laws; the CSAC is a co-sponsor of “Building Communities and Engaging Voices: UW-Green Bay Shared Governance Conference” on April 11; there are plans for a spring professional development event (details to come) on April 30; and a date has been set (Oct. 17, 2014) for the Classified Staff Fall Conference.

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