Booyah! Comedian Gaffigan singles out soup during Weidner appearance

Funny enough to share (even if we’re a little late), the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Kendra Meinert headlined her Thursday (Aug. 1) column with an amusing anecdote from Jim Gaffigan’s July 27 Weidner Center shows. Our own Kate Green, Executive Director of the venue, was among the staff members chatting up Gaffigan backstage when the famous funnyman discovered Wisconsin’s signature soup. “He said, ‘Booyah? What’s that?’ He repeated back the name several times. ‘Booyah?’ ” Green told Meinert. “ ‘Are you sure it’s really called booyah or are you just making that up?’ ” Gaffigan’s fascination was such that he and opener Tom Shillue placed a post-show booyah takeout order, Green said. Funny stuff, read more.