Dance of the Sugar Plum Phoenix: Happy Holidays, UW-Green Bay!

Twas the end of the term, and away at the Kress,
Four gentle, fine dance students practiced their best.
They pliédchasséd and developéd with such grace,
That Phlash the Phoenix could not believe his big face.

’Twas too little to admire the scene from afar,
So he snuck up upon them to join in at the barre.
Despite how he tiptoed and crept with such care,
His ungainly footfalls, announced he was there.

To his delight and surprise, the dancers made way,
For furry Phlash Phoenix, to join in that day.
This really did happen, we swear it’s the truth,
And if you’re a skeptic, we have video proof!

So with this message, festive greetings we spread,
In hopes visions of Phoenix will dance in your head.

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