Photo 'phinish': Phuture Phoenix honors tutor, celebrates year with students

It’s been a celebratory spring for UW-Green Bay’s signature Phuture Phoenix program, as the year-round effort to boost college aspirations continues to motivate area students.

On Wednesday, May 2, Phuture Phoenix mentor Brittany Brocker was awarded the Whitney Radder Outstanding Role Model Award for her work with students at West De Pere Middle School. Brocker, an English major, was lauded by seventh-grade teacher Angela Kelly as “an outstanding tutor (who is) exceptionally knowledgeable and mature for where she is at in her training.” Kelly has worked with several tutors in the past, she said, and Brocker stands out as “the best I’ve had yet.”

The Outstanding Role Model Award is named for Whitney Radder, a first-year UW-Green Bay student and Phuture Phoenix mentor who was killed in a car crash two years ago. This is the fifth time the award has been given to the most outstanding student to serve in a Phuture Phoenix School. Pictured with Brocker is Jeff Langenberg, UW-Green Bay student and West De Pere Middle School Phuture Phoenix Phellow. Langenberg nominated Brocker for the honor, which was bestowed with a surprise announcement on the last day of class.

A busy week for Phuture Phoenix continued Thursday, May 3, with a high-energy pep rally at Green Bay’s Jefferson Elementary School. Coming off another stellar season, members of the Phoenix women’s basketball team entertained the Jefferson students while providing important motivation for the future. Each player present talked to the students about her course of study at UW-Green Bay, and then Phoenix stars Sarah Eichler and Adrian Ritchie took to the court for a shooting competition.

The May 3 event was part of an innovative pilot partnership between Phuture Phoenix and Jefferson. The all-school program involves monthly school assemblies and other activities designed to get kids thinking early and often about college. The partner teacher pictured is Jen Woldt. Charlie and Janet Lieb provided the students’ bright orange t-shirts. Each shirt features the Phuture Phoenix logo and the year the student wearer will begin college.

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