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No. 1… in state, online… according to something called OnlineColleges.net

These days, university relations offices get many, many emails from ratings websites — some brand-new and some old and established (well, older than a few months, anyway) — congratulating us on our school’s selection to their exalted “best of…” ratings of one type or other. You take it with a grain of salt.  This one stood out, however, because it has UW-Green Bay as No. 1 in Wisconsin, and it happens to be in an area where UWGB has long been a UW System pioneer and has both solid enrollment and an excellent reputation: online learning. So, without further adieu, check out the website OnlineColleges.net for their rating.

Nursing program helps with recruitment video

Personnel from the UW-Green Bay Nursing program were interviewed Wednesday for a video that will promote the recruitment of nursing educators for the UW System. All six UW nursing programs are a part of this project, which will contain a vignette of each nursing campus, and comments from nurse educators on the role and reasons for becoming educators. Funding was provided through a UW System Incentive grant. Significant shortages are projected in the nursing faculty ranks over the coming years. See more details at.


UW System reminder on fraud/waste hotline

In spring, the UW System launched a new hotline and website that gives you an anonymous way to report any instances of fraud, waste, and abuse you might encounter on the job. Such incidents are rare, of course, but a high value is placed on accountability here and throughout the UW System, individually and collectively. Hence, the reminder: Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit and bookmark the new website address.

Regent President Millner: ‘The Challenge of Change’

Regina Millner, president of the UW System Board of Regents, contributed an essay headlined “The Challenge of Change” to the fall issue of Trusteeship magazine. “All across the country,” she begins the piece, “declining state support for public universities is prompting reassessment of what it is that we as universities do, how we do it, and why we do it. Significantly, this comes at a time when most experts agree that more Americans must attain a college credential if we are to remain competitive in the global marketplace.” Millner says governing boards are called upon to nurture the culture of the academy, including academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance; ensure financial responsibility, transparency, and accountability; provide a relevant and responsive program array; help grow the state’s economy while ensuring students are prepared for careers; and fulfill “our promise to families who look forward to sending their students to our institutions.” She goes on to describe the need for Regents to be engaged listeners and attentive to the learning and teaching ramifications of emerging technology.

Story looks at tenure policy rewriting

The complex process of writing new tenure policies for University of Wisconsin System faculty took a turn recently that frustrated professors and led some to question whether efforts at UW-Madison to write strong layoff protections will be negated by less robust statewide rules. That’s how the Wisconsin State Journal described in providing lengthy, in-depth coverage.

Board of Regents plans hearings on administrative code changes

The UW System Board of Regents is planning a public hearing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Oct. 26, at the Gordon Dining and Event Center (in the second floor’s Overture Room), 770 W. Dayton Street, Madison. The topic is a move to amend Chapters UWS 4, 7, 11, Wis. Admin. Code, relating to dismissal proceedings for faculty and academic staff in instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, and to amend Chapter UWS 17, Wis. Admin. Code, relating to disciplinary proceedings for students in instances of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. The Board of Regents will accept written comments until Nov. 2, online. The rules are available for review.

Fund balances continue to drop

System President Ray Cross told the Board of Regents last week that the UW System’s program revenue fund balance at the end of fiscal year 2015 was $923.9 million – a 15.7 percent decrease from two years ago. That balance is further projected to drop to $690 million by the end of the current academic year – for a 37 percent decrease since FY 2013. “That ongoing decrease reflects the use of balances to address the tuition freeze and to bridge the 2013-15 budget reductions,” Cross said. See a UW System news recap.

Regents to consider more out-of-staters at UW-Madison

In a proposed move that could ultimately affect applications and enrollment at other UW System institutions (because Madison’s ripples are felt statewide), the UW’s flagship campus will this week ask UW Regents for permission to lift the school’s cap on out-of-state students. UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank says the move could attract more young people to Wisconsin and boost tuition revenue in the wake of deep budget cuts. Currently, out-of-state undergraduate enrollment at Madison can’t exceed 27.5 percent of total undergraduate enrollment. See news coverage.

UW President Cross talks to Hornacek about System’s future

On a recent visit to UW-Green Bay, the president of the University of Wisconsin System, Ray Cross, sat down with WLUK-TV investigative reporter Robert Hornacek for a half-hour interview broadcast on the “CW 14 Focus” public affairs program. Cross talks about the recent state budget cuts, his views on tenure, perceptions of UW System “ivory tower arrogance”… and also 300-bushel-an-acre corn yields, spittle beetles, calls for merger of UW Colleges and the state tech schools, and more. Interesting conversation.