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Jazz concert, this Saturday

We’ll have more details in our next issue, but don’t forget the Jazz and Vocal Jazz concert this Saturday (Nov. 14) at 7:30 p.m. in the University Theatre, in Theatre Hall. Performing will be Jazz Ensemble II under the direction of Adam Gaines, and Jazz I and the Vocal Jazz Ensemble directed by John Salerno, both professors of music.

Student Convocation Recital is Friday, over the lunch hour, in UT

The Student Convocation Recital takes place this Friday (April 10) from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in the University Theatre. Any and all are welcome to stop by for all or part of the performance, which will feature the student Saxophone Quartet and the New Music Ensemble. We’ll have more program info and a link to the full release in our next issue.

Preview: UW-Green Bay Theatre, Dance, Music present ‘Spring Awakening’

UW-Green Bay presents Spring AwakeningUW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance and UW-Green Bay Music will present the musical Spring Awakening Nov. 20-22 at the University Theatre in Theatre Hall.

Winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical, the production is a pop/rock musical adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s 1891 expressionist play about teenage rebellion and sexual discovery. Spring Awakening is rated R, for strong language and adult content. It is recommended for mature audiences.

“Spring Awakening is a very unique musical,” said UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. John Mariano, who is directing the show. “It premiered on Broadway in 2006 and proceeded to win eight Tony awards. It’s a musical based on a somewhat obscure play from 1890. It’s a play that deals very frankly and very honestly with adolescent sexuality and a lot of other adolescent problems, including teenage suicide. And the kind of graphic nature of it, especially in 1890, led to it kind of being banned everywhere.”

It’s an interesting dynamic for the show, said student Erin Sunisa, who plays Wendla.

“They bring a lot of heavy issues, and sometimes it can be quite jarring,” Sunisa said. “But it opens up a great discussion for audience members to discuss after the musical.”

Spring Awakening blends the old and the new in interesting ways, Mariano said.

“And the contemporary musical,” he said, “the twist they put on this old play that really made it interesting, is that whenever the characters sing they kind of step out of that late 19th century world and into a very contemporary, concert-like world. The music is all contemporary pop music like alt rock music.”

Sunisa enjoys the dichotomy, she said.

UW-Green Bay presents Spring Awakening

“It’s been very interesting to have both feet in two separate worlds going on,” Sunisa said. “You kind of have to think in a different mindset when coming into this musical.”

Audiences will be able to relate to the show, Mariano said.

“Adolescence is still what it’s always been, still full of confusion and all of the problems that go along with it — so the play has held up very, very well,” he said. “It’s adapted somewhat by the playwrights in the contemporary version, but it’s still pretty much his play, boosted by this contemporary score.”

Added Assistant Prof. Courtney Sherman, the show’s musical director:

“It’s essentially going back and forth between a really powerful piece of theatre, a play, and being at an awesome rock concert — so you get sort of the best of both worlds rolled together in one performance experience,” she said. “And I think that that’s fantastic and it will be really, really thrilling for audiences.”

Spring Awakening will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20, 21 and 22, and at 3 p.m. Nov. 22. Tickets and more information available online.


New video: ‘Spring Awakening’ is fall musical from Theatre/Dance, Music

UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance and UW-Green Bay Music will perform a tale of teenage rebellion and adolescent sexuality beginning Nov. 20, presenting the eight-time Tony Award-winning musical “Spring Awakening” in four shows at University Theatre in Theatre Hall. Based on a late 19th century play by Frank Weidekind and adapted as a modern pop/rock musical, this expressionist work explores themes centered around the transition to adulthood. It’s not for kids — the musical is rated R for strong language and adult content — but adult audiences will find plenty they can relate to and discuss, says director John Mariano. We spent some time at play rehearsal this week, and our new preview video tells — and shows — you all about the show.

They’re ba-ack! Lunchtime Music Convocations return to campus this semester

Our friends in the Music Department are bringing back an old campus tradition: Lunchtime Music Convocations in the University Theatre. These bring-your-lunch, come-as-you-can (and leave-as-you-must) sessions allow students, faculty and staff to take a midday break while enjoying the talent of the UW-Green Bay Music students who perform. The doors to the University Theatre will be open to allow attendees to come and go (quietly, of course), so stop on by! This semester’s sessions will be held from approximately 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7 and Friday, Dec. 5, with performers to be announced. Mark your calendars, and we’ll keep you posted.

UW-Green Bay Music to present jazz ensembles concert May 7

UW-Green Bay’s Jazz I, Jazz II, Vocal Jazz and Jazz Combo ensembles will perform a concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 7 at the University Theatre in Theatre Hall on campus, 2420 Nicolet Drive.

This 36th event of the 2013-14 UW-Green Bay Music season will offer a wide range of composers and arrangers, including arrangements from UW-Green Bay student Sam Stranz and Associate Prof. John Salerno. Salerno directs the Jazz I, Vocal Jazz and Jazz Combo ensembles, while Associate Prof. Adam Gaines directs the Jazz II Ensemble.

The Jazz II Ensemble will perform first, playing “Take the ‘A’ Train” (Billy Strayhorn, arr. Mark Taylor), “Moonlight Serendade” (Glen Miller, arr. Jeff Hest), “Stompin’ at the Savoy (Benny Goodman, Chick Webb and Edgar Sampson, arr. Jeff Hest), “Passion Dance” (Jeff Jarvis) and “Sao Paulo” (David Benoit, arr. Gordon Goodwin).

After Jazz II, the Vocal Jazz Ensemble will take the stage, starting with three arrangements by John Salerno — Fabrizio di Andre’s “Il Pescatore,” Harry Barris’ “Wrap your Troubles in Dreams” and Andy LaVerne’s “Circadian Rhythm.” The group’s final piece will be “Hallelujah I Love Him So,” arranged by Kerry Marsh.

Up next, the Jazz I Ensemble will perform “Lady Bird” (Tadd Dameron, arr. Matt Hillman) and “The Easy Swing” (Bob Mintzer). The Jazz Combo will perform “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” and “Nostalgia in Time Square,” both arranged by student Sam Stranz. The Jazz I Ensemble will then take the stage once more, wrapping up the concert with “Bye Ya” (Thelonious Monk, arr. Bob Washut) and “Body and Soul” (arr. Bob Florence).

Tickets for the jazz ensembles concert are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Call (920) 465-2400 or visit www.uwgb.edu/tickets. UW-Green Bay is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. For more information, visit www.uwgb.edu/music.

Jazz II Ensemble Personnel are as follows: Woodwinds: Kyle Hall, alto; Ceilidh Westenberger, alto; Becky Erdman, tenor and clarinet; Kyle Henrickson, baritone; Trumpet: David Blihar, Evan Patton, Brandt Bailey; Trombone: Patrick Romanek, Michael Hogan, Alex Reed, Bill Burroughs, Bill Dennee; Rhythm section: Anne Reis, piano; Matt Hayes, guitar; Jon Tabers-Kwak, guitar; Gillian Evanoff, bass; Bobby Magers, drums; Jamie Rodgers, percussion.

Vocal Jazz Ensemble Personnel are as follows: Cassie Alfheim, Nikita Cantable, Laura Cortright, Ryan Dummer, Katelynn Fuhrmann, Juan Garcia, Michaela Hogan, Leah LaMalfa, James Letellier, Lane Ludtke, Tony Pesavento, Rissel Peguero, Sydney St. Clair, Lydia Schneider.

Jazz I Ensemble Personnel are as follows: Saxophone: Sam Stranz, Alex Munson, Cole Watkins, Kelton Jennings, McKenna VanderLeest; Trumpet: Greg Koeller, Chase Collins, Ryan Loining, Gatlin Grimm; Trombone: Michael Hogan, Alex Reed, Bill Burroughs, Joe Russet; Rhythm section: Kyle Sweeney, piano; Matt Hillman, guitar; Tony Pesavento, bass; Sean Roherty, drums.

Jazz Combo Ensemble Personnel are as follows: Matt Hilman, guitar; Sam Stranz, saxophone; Sean Roherty, drums; Tony Pesavento, bass; John Salerno, piano.


Catch Harden, hand drummers, brass tonight

Don’t miss your chance to check out Chancellor Tom Harden and the rest of the UW-Green Bay Hand Drumming Ensemble as they take the stage during a free concert today (Wednesday, Dec. 4). As we told you here before, the hand drummers will perform after the Phoenix Brass Ensemble during the show, which kicks off at 7:30 p.m. at University Theatre in Theatre Hall. Harden is one of 16 members of the Hand Drumming Ensemble, which is directed and will perform original works by Prof. Cheryl Grosso. Associate Prof. Adam Gaines directs the similar-sized Phoenix Brass Ensemble. Read more.

Free Chamber Ensembles concert to feature brass, hand drumming groups

The UW-Green Bay Hand Drumming Ensemble under the direction of Prof. Cheryl Grosso and the Phoenix Brass Ensemble directed by Associate Prof. Adam Gaines will take the stage for a free concert Wednesday, Dec. 4, performing at 7:30 p.m. at University Theatre in Theatre Hall. The Chamber Ensembles concert will feature a variety of works by composers including G. F. Handel and our own Prof. Grosso. Read more.

New composition honors Harden as leader… and percussionist
A fun element of Wednesday’s student Chamber Ensembles concert at UW-Green Bay will be the premiere of a new composition in Music Prof. Cheryl Grosso’s “Rhythm Chant” series. This one, “Rhythm Chant 4TKH,” was written for Chancellor Tom K. Harden and his years of service at UW-Green Bay. Even better? Harden himself will help perform the piece as a member of this semester’s Hand Drumming Ensemble. A knowledgeable source tells us that while student percussionist Harden is probably not a serious threat to turn pro, he has nonetheless been diligent and enthusiastic in getting back into the groove after many years away. (He played around on drums a little in his younger days.)

Phoenix Brass, Hand Drumming ensembles to present free concert Dec. 4

UW-Green Bay Music will highlight its Chamber Ensembles Wednesday, Dec. 4, featuring the Hand Drumming Ensemble and Phoenix Brass Ensemble during the 11th concert event of the 2013-14 season.

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at University Theatre in Theatre Hall on campus, 2420 Nicolet Drive. It is free and open to the public.

The Chamber Ensembles performance will open with the Phoenix Brass Ensemble, under the direction of UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Adam Gaines. The group will perform “Music for the Royal Fireworks,” a series of three pieces by composer G. F. Handel (arr. David Marlatt), followed by “Abide with Me,” by composer W.H. Monk and also arranged by Marlatt. The Brass Ensemble will conclude with the three-piece work “Three More Cats,” from composer Chris Hazell.

The Hand Drumming Ensemble will take the stage after the Brass Ensemble, performing five works from UW-Green Bay Prof. Cheryl Grosso, a composer who also directs the ensemble. The group will play “Rhythm Chant 18,” “Rhythm Chant FF,” “Rhythm Chant 14” (featuring Gaines on flugelhorn), “Rhythm Chant C&R” and “Rhythm Chant 4TKH.” The “4TKH” piece was written to honor UW-Green Bay Chancellor Thomas K. Harden and his years of service to the University. Harden is in the Hand Drumming Ensemble this semester.

UW-Green Bay is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. More information is available at www.uwgb.edu/music.

Phoenix Brass Ensemble personnel are as follows: Trumpet: Amanda Cornette, Adam Gaines, Gatlin Grimm, Carl Onesti, Greg Sauve; Horn: Brandt Bailey, Jillian Patrick; Trombone: Doak Baker, Bill Burroughs, Michael Hogan; Euphonium: Cole Watkins; Tuba: Paul Dugan, Tim Kozlovsky; Percussion: Bobby Magers, Jamie Rodgers.

Hand Drumming Ensemble personnel are as follows: Jason Bakeberg, Gregory Behrend, Nicole Duhaime, Roxanne Elsner, Thomas K. Harden, Michaela Hogan, James Letellier, Bobby Joe Magers, Candice Matuszak, Rissel Peguero, Brandon Pszanka, Jamie Rodgers, Patrick Romanek, Tori Schuurmans, Jack VanBeek, Kevin Wellens.


Vocal Jazz, ‘Enforcers Band’ to headline free concert Nov. 26

UW-Green Bay Music will host a fun, high-energy concert Tuesday, Nov. 26, presenting “Vocal Jazz Ensemble Does Doowop, Motown & More” with Sam Stranz & The Enforcers Band at 7:30 p.m. at University Theatre in Theatre Hall on campus, 2420 Nicolet Drive. The show is free and open to the public.

Directed by UW-Green Bay Music Associate Prof. John Salerno, the concert will kick off with the Carole King classic “Chains,” followed by “Backfield in Motion” by Mel & Tim. A Bert Bacharach medley will follow, one of four medleys — the others showcasing Elvis Presley, Motown girl group standards and Doowop — to be featured during the performance. Other songs include Rudy Clark’s “It’s in His Kiss,” Gene Chandler’s “Duke of Earl,” The Rays’ “Silhouettes” and Tina Turner’s “Fool in Love.”

The concert is the 10th event of the 2013-14 season for UW-Green Bay Music, an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. More information about UW-Green Bay Music, including a complete schedule of events, is available online at www.uwgb.edu/music.

Vocal Jazz personnel are as follows: Nikita Cantable, Laura Cortright, Katelynn Fuhrmann, David Gallager, Michaela Hogan, Leah LaMalfa, James Letellier, Farin Ludtke, Lane Ludtke, Dana Mehlhorn, Tony Pesavento, Julio Reyes, Angie Roskos, Sydney St. Clair, Nick Schommer.

The Enforcers personnel are as follows: Sam Stranz, saxophone; Cole Watkins, saxophone; Patrick Romanek, trombone; Alex Reed, trombone; Chase Collins, trumpet; Matt Hillmann, guitar; Kyle Sweeney, keyboard; Sean Roherty, drums; John Salerno, piano; Craig Hanke, bass.