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More on $161,000 grant for new approaches to first-year achievement

We included a link to the news release in Friday’s LOG Extra, but for the benefit of non-subscribers and those who might have missed it, here goes: 
UW-Green Bay has received a grant award of $161,504 for the “Phoenix GPS Program” from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. Denise Bartell, associate professor of Human Development, […]

Video viewing: ‘Danceworks’ opens Friday; Bauer targets achievement gap

In case you missed ‘em in yesterday’s (or today’s) Log Extra, we’ve got two new videos to share. The first offers a sneak peek at Danceworks, the dynamic mainstage celebration of faculty and student choreography that opens Friday, April 5, at University Theatre in Theatre Hall. The second provides an inside look at Prof. Angela […]

Success for all students: TOSS program closing science achievement gap

There are numerous reasons why UW-Green Bay Prof. Angela Bauer won the 2013 UW System Board of Regents Diversity award in the individual category. A longtime advocate of raising the bar for all learners, Bauer, Human Biology, consistently has worked to close the academic achievement gap, bring minority scientists to campus and make the science curriculum more diverse.

Human Biology prof pilots new strategy vs. ‘achievement gap’

Biology Prof. Angela Bauer was troubled by a pattern she had seen in her Introduction to Human Biology classes. Even among students with similar academic preparedness, Caucasian students outperformed multicultural students by a significant margin. Bauer set out to close the “achievement gap.”