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Applications for High-Altitude Balloon Program due soon

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) is soliciting applications through Feb. 20, for students interested in space science and engineering for: (i) a payload team, to design and build a balloon science payload; or (ii) a launch team, to conduct balloon flights. Selected students will receive a stipend ($4,000 or $3,000) for summer work on either […]

Deadlines approach for Space Grant Scholarships

Please forward this opportunity to your students… Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Scholarships opportunities close Feb. 6, including: $2,000 awards for students pursuing any space-related studies; $4,000 for undergrads to pursue space-relevant research projects of their own design (relevance is construed broadly!); and $1,000 renewable awards to outstanding sophomore undergraduate students identified as a member of […]

Research funding available from Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium

Opportunities for funding of faculty equipment and projects from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium are now open. Last year’s Research Infrastructure Program (RIP), primarily for equipment, received just five proposals, and each was awarded $10,000. The Higher Education Incentives (HEI) program will award grants of $5,000 or $10,000 for teaching/training projects related to space/aerospace. Relevance […]

Out of this world… Two UW-Green Bay students get a chance to pursue space projects

GREEN BAY –The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) has recognized two University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students for their outstanding academic work. James Vasquez has been awarded the STEM Bridge Scholarship for the 2016-17 academic year, and Justin Rasmussen is recipient of the Elijah Balloon Payload Fellowship award — June 1 to August 13 at the […]

WisBusiness’ Still says Yingst’s rover work an example of state’s space know-how

UW-Green Bay’s R. Aileen Yingst continues to receive local and state media attention for her role in the Mars rover mission, with the latest piece coming from WisBusiness.com. Tom Still’s opinion column says the Mars Curiosity mission is a reminder of the state’s space know-how — and that know-how doesn’t end there. Yingst’s work here […]

More from Mars: Journal Sentinel story on Yingst and the Curiosity mission

As the Mars Curiosity mission continues, so too does the public’s curiosity about the SUV-sized rover and the images it’s beaming back from the red planet. As we’ve told you here previously, UW-Green Bay’s own R. Aileen Yingst is in the thick of it all, using her Mars Hand Lend Imager camera to capture detailed […]

Monitoring Mars: With successful rover landing, Yingst’s work has just begun

Due to the successful and historic landing of the Mars rover Curiosity Monday, UW-Green Bay’s Aileen Yingst will be away for a while.

About 90 Martian days, in fact.

Yingst, director of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, headquartered at UW-Green Bay, is the deputy principal investigator for the Curiosity mission’s Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera, an instrument so powerful it can return images of individual grains of sand on the planet’s surface. She watched the rover land from mission headquarters early Monday (Aug. 6), joining in a jubilant celebration with “about 400 of my best friends” at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif.

Mission to Mars: With rover landed, Yingst’s work is just beginning

You’ve no doubt heard that the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity — so intense and complex it was dubbed the “seven minutes of terror” — was a success early Monday (Aug. 6) morning, with NASA and the larger scientific community at once relieved with the landing’s outcome and excited about the mission’s possibilities. Green […]

Space Grant Consortium’s Yingst to play critical role in Mars rover mission

The buzz is building over an early August landing planned for NASA’s most advanced planetary rover — and R. Aileen Yingst, director of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, headquartered at UW-Green Bay, is one of the scientists at the heart of the operation. The Curiosity rover is scheduled to land in the early morning hours […]