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Riley Garbe stepped on campus as a fifth-grade Phuture Phoenix — He leaves as UW-Green Bay’s ‘Most Outstanding’

“The Odds Were Stacked Against Me from the Beginning.“ Green Bay, Wis. – Riley Garbe came to UW-Green Bay as a fifth-grader on a Phuture Phoenix field trip, where a visit to the campus turned into a dream of one day graduating from college. Despite surviving a difficult childhood that included witnessing abuse and violence […]

Prof. Gurung is the December 2017 Commencement Speaker

Regan Gurung

Regan A. R. Gurung, an award-winning professor (Human Development, Psychology) at UW-Green Bay, is the December 2017 Commencement Speaker. His research focuses on questions surrounding teaching and learning, clothing and perception and culture and health. Gurung joined the University in 1999, and has held the prestigious Ben J. & Joyce Rosenberg Professorship since 2010. In […]

Prof. Gurung gets kudos for WPR appearance

Producers of a recent Wisconsin Public Radio segment said they received a great deal of feedback from a recent “Central Time” segment with UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Human Development, Psychology). The subject was “how to cope with the bad actions of those we admire.” Recent sexual misconduct allegations of many in the […]

Finals week? Gurung has study advice for students (and faculty)

With finals week approaching, UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung has some research-based advice, now published online. In “How Should You Study? Advice for Students and Faculty” Gurung explores “which learning techniques best relate to students’ past academic performance and predict current success.”

Prof. Gurung weighs in on what makes a good Thanksgiving meal

Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Human Development and Psychology) was quoted in a story by the Green Bay Press-Gazette on what makes an ideal Thanksgiving meal. “In many ways, what makes a good Thanksgiving meal, is fueled by this idyllic picture that we have,” said Gurung. “But it’s also informed by our idiosyncratic family traditions.”

Popular PSI Talks are back, Dec. 4, 7 p.m.

Join the Psychology program on Monday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center for four engaging talks from UW-Green Bay psychology students and alumni. The talks will be on topics related to grit, moral neuroscience, death anxiety and other psychology-related topics. Learn more about the speakers or RSVP, here. […]

Prof. Ryan Martin featured in news article on online ranting

UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology) was included in a recent news article “Are Online Rants Good for Your Health?” for Healthline on Nov. 14, 2017. The article discussed online rants on social media and asked experts about their effects on health. “I think the only way it’s good for us is when the goal is to […]

Gurung seeks new director for Live54218

Live54218 is a Green Bay nonprofit agency that promotes healthy eating and active living to combat childhood obesity across Brown County. UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan Gurung (Psychology, Human Development) is co-chair of the non-profit and is looking for a new executive director with a vision for building on improvements made in the last six years. See more.

Gurung is co-chair of LIVE54218

UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan Gurung (Psychology, Human Development) recently took on the position of co-chair of the Board of Directors of the LIVE54218 organization in Green Bay. He has been a member of the board since 2011. Want to know more about the organization and plans to improve health in Green Bay? Read more.

Prof. Ryan Martin speaks to human trafficking in Press-Gazette column

UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology) had a column published in the Green Bay Press-Gazette this weekend (Oct. 28, 2017), entitled, “Society needs to address vulnerabilities to eliminate human trafficking.” Martin and his colleagues have prepared a six-episode podcast on human trafficking, including police officers, economists, policy directors, care and support providers and even the […]