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Political Science profs lead human rights teach-in

UW-Green Bay’s Pride Center and American Intercultural Center have joined forces to sponsor a Human Rights Teach-In from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 1. Political Science professors Alison Staudinger, Elizabeth Wheat, Aaron Weinschenk and Kris Coulter will answer questions about the U.S. government, presidential power and judicial power as they pertain to human rights. […]

Election coverage: Al Jazeera’s John Hendren taps UWGB Prof. Weinschenk


Al Jazeera’s John Hendren taps Prof. Aaron Weinschenk as election expert With Monday’s Green Bay visit by presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Al Jazeera’s John Hendren reports on a group that has become the core of his support, and visits campus to interview UWGB Prof. Aaron Weinschenk to speculate on the “why.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGPUkQewDOQ

Prof. Weinscheck interview with nextcity.org

“The economy is always first and foremost in voters’ minds, especially those who live in urban areas whose quality of life is so tied into job and housing,” says Aaron Weinschenk, a political science professor for University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. “In some ways the economy is overshadowed by the unique candidates. But people still think […]

Congressman Reid Ribble visits UWGB Intro. to Policy Class

Reid Ribble

Congressman Reid Ribble was the invited guest of Prof. Aeron Weinschenk’s Introduction to Public Policy class this week. Ribble spoke about the importance of elections in holding government accountable, the role of members of Congress, and his experiences working on legislation. Students were able to ask him questions for about 45 minutes. Chancellor Gary Miller […]

Weinschenk Helpap teamed up for op-ed piece to Press-Gazette

Professors Aaron Weinschenk and David Helpap teamed up to write an op-ed for the Green Bay Press Gazette. Their article  was published on Sunday and urges voters to be critical of political candidates and to investigate whether candidates have plans for how they will achieve their policy positions. The article can be found here.

Weinschenk presents on 2016 presidential election

Political scientist Aaron Weincshenk gave a presentation on the 2016 presidential election for the Neville Public Museum’s “Hardcore History” series.  The talk focused on various elements of the election including primaries, public opinion polling, and election forecasting. It was well attended by community members and UWGB students.