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Finals week? Gurung has study advice for students (and faculty)

With finals week approaching, UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung has some research-based advice, now published online. In “How Should You Study? Advice for Students and Faculty” Gurung explores “which learning techniques best relate to students’ past academic performance and predict current success.”

Prof. Gurung weighs in on what makes a good Thanksgiving meal

Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Human Development and Psychology) was quoted in a story by the Green Bay Press-Gazette on what makes an ideal Thanksgiving meal. “In many ways, what makes a good Thanksgiving meal, is fueled by this idyllic picture that we have,” said Gurung. “But it’s also informed by our idiosyncratic family traditions.”

Gurung seeks new director for Live54218

Live54218 is a Green Bay nonprofit agency that promotes healthy eating and active living to combat childhood obesity across Brown County. UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan Gurung (Psychology, Human Development) is co-chair of the non-profit and is looking for a new executive director with a vision for building on improvements made in the last six years. See more.

Gurung is co-chair of LIVE54218

UW-Green Bay Prof. Regan Gurung (Psychology, Human Development) recently took on the position of co-chair of the Board of Directors of the LIVE54218 organization in Green Bay. He has been a member of the board since 2011. Want to know more about the organization and plans to improve health in Green Bay? Read more.

‘Death Cafes’ hosted by UW-Green Bay this week

Prof. Illene Cupit’s (Human development) class on Dying, Death and Loss will be holding “Death Cafes” next week in the Green Bay and Appleton area. What is a Death Café? It is an open forum where anyone can join to openly discuss end-of-life issues — a topic that is usually hidden and difficult to bring […]

Faculty note: Prof. Cupit publication

UW-Green Bay Professor Illene Cupit (Human Development) recently published an article in the journal, Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology and Applied Psychology.  The article, which appears in a special issue on “Death, conflicts and intervention” is entitled, “Developmental Crises and Global Crises: Helping Bereaved Children and Adolescents.”

A poet, a sociologist and a psychologist walk into a…podcast session?

What do you do when you want to deeply explore a topic in a way the typical classroom can’t allow? You make your own classroom! For three University of Wisconsin-Green Bay professors, that classroom is the Internet and their whiteboard is a podcast. Bryan Carr (Communication), Ryan Martin (Psychology) and Chuck Rybak (English/Humanities and the […]

Prof. Gurung TEDx talk is live


The TEDx talk given by Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology) to a packed audience in August is now available in its entirety here. Of the approximately 90 people who applied with a lengthy application to speak, 20 were interviewed and 14 were finally selected. The theme of his talk was “Get Psyched, Think Stronger, […]

Faculty note: Senzaki and Gurung publication

Assistant Prof. Sawa Senzaki (Human Development, Psychology) and Prof. Regan Gurung (Human Development, Psychology) examined the effectiveness of a newly developed studying method, Flashcards-Plus, in order to help students increase their retention, comprehension and application of the material. Senzaki, S., Hackathorn, J., Appleby, D. C., & Gurung, R. A.R. (in press). Reinventing flashcards to increase […]