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Online feature celebrates Dahlin Family philanthropy

It’s a story we told in May in the print edition of the inaugural UW-Green Bay Foundation annual report. Bernie and Alyce Dahlin have endowed the new Dahlin Family Scholarship to make awards to new or continuing UW-Green Bay students who demonstrate financial need and have grade point averages between 2.5 and 3.49. They say criteria favoring those who draw the occasional B or C is recognition that many student scholarships already flow to the straight-A crowd. It’s a nice story, now online on the main UW-Green Bay homepage. Read story.

We need $30 apiece from 100, or $3,000 from one of you

Tracey Heaser in University Advancement reports that the 2012-13 fiscal year has been a strong one for alumni giving to the annual fund. Alumni donors have contributed to the annual fund a record $97,280 — to be precise, it’s a record for a non-match year — with proceeds benefitting student scholarships and academic programs. This week, Heaser is distributing an eleventh-hour appeal to alumni to push the total past $100,000. Interested in helping? Email Heaser at HeaserT@uwgb.edu.

Alumni Phone-a-Thon team sets new over-the-phone record

Some serious congratulations are in order for our crack team of UW-Green Bay Phone-a-Thon callers, who set an all-time monetary milestone Wednesday (April 17), hitting — and exceeding — the $50,000 mark in pledges for the first time ever. In the past, we’ve shared some pretty impressive fundraising totals with you, and this over-the-phone-only record (in the event’s 16th year) certainly fits in with that list.

Development officer and alumni Phone-a-Thon coordinator Tracy Heaser has high praise for her hard-working student team, which dialed up UWGB grads for 85 nights since last fall — and rightfully so! She’s thanking them with chocolate; we’re giving them props here. No students called every night, but every student called some nights … so kudos to that larger team including Kristi Auner, Danielle Brocker, Mackenzie Daley, Kaylie Fisher, Morgan Hansen, Farin Ludtke, Holly Troeller, Katelyn Staaben, Anna Amelse, Anastasia McCain, Paul Heitman, Carli DeFelice, Kelsey Ginnel, Ashten Bartel, Sarah Busko, Morgen Clarey and Sara Lueth — not to mention Heaser herself, without whom the dialing for dollars record wouldn’t have been possible.

Da Vinci buzz grows: Statue is off campus, but he’ll be back

UW-Green Bay’s newly acquired statue of Leonardo Da Vinci temporarily left campus yesterday, bound for its pedestal fitting and, ultimately, official unveiling and display. But the quarter-ton Renaissance Man’s arrival continues to draw media attention, with TV, radio and newspapers alike noting this terrific donation — and the UW-Green Bay connections that led to it all. Check out the following stories from NBC 26 and the Green Bay Press-Gazette. Leonardo, hurry back!
NBC 26
Green Bay Press-Gazette

In the media: Da Vinci’s arrival continues to make news

UW-Green Bay’s new Leonardo Da Vinci statue continues to draw media attention, with WBAY, Channel 2 coming to campus Monday (March 11) and NBC 26 today to do a story on the quarter-ton bust. Associate Profs. Sarah Meredith Livingston and Derek Jeffreys spoke with WBAY reporter Kristyn Allen about the statue, which is one of just five worldwide — and the only one in the U.S. — being donated to universities thanks to the Romualdo Del Bianco-Life Beyond Tourism Foundation. The donation represents not just a great international relationship, but also UW-Green Bay’s new 360° of Learning brand — Da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance Man, excelling across disciplines, and UW-Green Bay is known for its multifaceted approach to learning. By this morning (Tuesday, March 12), the Associated Press had picked up the story, as well. A sampling of press coverage is as follows, along with our original University news story:
WBAY, Channel 2
Fox 11
Green Bay Press-Gazette
UW-Green Bay News

In the news: WPR, WBAY tell story of Da Vinci statue arrival

We told you last week that a quarter-ton statue of the original Renaissance Man has arrived on campus, the generous donation of an Italian foundation that has fostered ties with our campus and other universities around the world. Wisconsin Public Radio and WBAY, Channel 2, have picked up the story of the Leonardo Da Vinci statue’s arrival at UW-Green Bay, one of only five universities worldwide — and the only one in the U.S. — to receive this once-in-a-lifetime gift. The links below take you to the WPR story and our own News Bureau coverage; the WBAY story is expected to air at 5 p.m. today (Monday, March 11). We’ll bring you that link tomorrow.
WPR story
UW-Green Bay News feature story

If you missed Extra, you missed Da Vinci, ‘After Thoughts,’ Good Times

Most, but not all, of our daily LOG subscribers also subscribe to the periodic, photo-illustrated LOG Extra. That’s why we include links to features and galleries that made their debut Thursday in Extra. In case you missed these links:

UW-Green Bay welcomes Leonardo bust – See story
Snapshots from Prof. Heidi Fencl’s talk at ‘After Thoughts’ – See story
Good Times turns 40 with entertaining history – See story
Roma advocate receives warm Green Bay welcome – See story

Speaking of Thanks . . .

UW-Green Bay alumni responded admirably to the fundraising challenge last year. The goal was to raise $50,000 in new donations. In total, alumni helped raise $92,362 additional dollars last year — nearly double the goal. Including the $50,000 match from Rick Chernick and Jim Wochinske, it made for a total of $142,362 additional dollars to support student scholarships and academic programs on campus.

(Click thumbnails to see larger images.)
UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012

In recognition of this achievement, UW-Green Bay Alumni Board members got together on a recent Thursday night with Alumni Phone-A-Thon student callers (including Director of Development Jeanne Stangel and new Director of Alumni Relations Kari Moody) to call alumni who gave last year just to say “Thanks.” About half of the alumni who made a gift last year through the phone-a-thon were called. (Another night to finish calling the rest will be scheduled in late spring). Board members and students talked to alumni or left a voice message to thank them for making a gift. For the most part, alumni were pleasantly surprised to get a phone call thanking them for a gift. As one graduate put it, “How often do you get called just to be told thank you? It’s refreshing not to be asked to do something or give something for a change.”

Although the callers made it clear it was just a thank-you call, some alumni did respond with a gift. About $400 was raised for the night. Board members and students were equally happy to be making the calls, and are looking forward to doing it again in the spring.