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Jen Jones seeks volunteers to call transfers, freshmen

Jen Jones of Admissions, who is heading up UW-Green Bay’s 2015 enrollment initiative, says she and others have created a volunteer phone team to call students who have applied to UWGB and those whom we want to apply to UWGB. “This spring semester we are calling transfer students and freshmen,” Jones says, “and I welcome […]

More on $161,000 grant for new approaches to first-year achievement

We included a link to the news release in Friday’s LOG Extra, but for the benefit of non-subscribers and those who might have missed it, here goes: 
UW-Green Bay has received a grant award of $161,504 for the “Phoenix GPS Program” from Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation. Denise Bartell, associate professor of Human Development, […]

FOCUS folks say thanks for the help

Thank you to all of the students, staff and faculty that helped make FOCUS-Registration and Resources 2013 a very positive experience for new students and their parents. That’s the message today from Brenda Amenson-Hill, dean of students and co-director of the FOCUS First-Year Experience program. See a short presentation and video of some of the […]

By the numbers: UW-Green Bay’s freshman class is most diverse to date

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will welcome its most diverse freshman class to date this fall, with more than 100 students of color — 12 percent of the class — set to start classes Tuesday, Sept. 4. As of Wednesday, Aug. 29, UW-Green Bay will welcome 897 freshmen, including 104 students of color. That’s an […]

Welcome, freshmen! New photos capture the fun of FOCUS R & R

It’s been a busy week on campus as incoming freshmen are welcomed to UW-Green Bay through the FOCUS program’s Registration and Resources (R&R) sessions. During this one-day program, students register for fall classes, obtain their ID cards and meet faculty, staff and returning students. The sessions began Tuesday (June 5) and run through Friday (June […]

Close-ups: The faces of Freshman Move-In Day

It’s a UW-Green Bay tradition: Faculty, staff and student volunteers turn out to help tote, unload and move in as the University’s incoming new freshmen and their families arrive at Residence Life. This year, more than 700 freshmen (roughly 80 percent of the total freshman class) will live on campus. Click on image to enter […]