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Culture and Child Development Lab seeking junior scientists (ages 5-7) for child development research

The Culture and Child Development Lab, led by Associate Prof. Sawa Senzaki (Human Development and Psychology), is looking for five- to seven-year-old children to participate in child development research. It will take one to two hours and one visit at the UW-Green Bay campus. The child will receive a small toy or book, and the […]

Culture/Development Lab is looking for babies, toddlers for major study

UW-Green Bay’s Culture and Development Lab directed by Assistant Prof. Sawa Senzaki is looking for local parents interested in having their babies (5-18 months) participate in a major international study of baby’s social understanding. The study is part of a large international collaboration with Canadian and Japanese researchers. Senzaki is asking alumni, University employees and […]

Human Development’s Senzaki seeks infants for culture lab research

Do you have a baby around 3-12 months old? Assistant Prof. Sawa Senzaki, Human Development and Psychology, needs your help! Senzaki is seeking participants for her research, which is a part of an international collaboration with Japanese researchers looking at how babies think about other people in social settings. It takes about 45 minutes to […]