360° of Heide: December grad speaker praises UW-Green Bay, inter-d

Fred “Doc” Heide is full of praise for his alma mater in a recently penned column on the founding of American Folklore Theatre (AFT). The piece, posted Tuesday (July) 9 to the website of the Door County Advocate, talks about how Heide ended up attending UW-Green Bay after starting out at UW-Madison — and how his education here not only paved the way for his future, but also led to the establishment of AFT. Heide admits he didn’t initially consider his hometown university, but later found UW-Green Bay — and especially its interdisciplinary approach — to be a perfect fit. “In my first years of college, I had no idea what I wanted to do,” Heide wrote. “But I could enroll in this concentration called Analysis-Synthesis that combined history, philosophy, literature and assorted odds and ends. It was perfect for me. I wrote my first Heritage Ensemble show as a senior honors project in it. If I’d had to choose a traditional major … my writing career might never have crawled out of the cradle.” Great column – read more.