Art program honors merit scholarship recipients

This past Sunday the UW-Green Bay academic program in Art announced its merit scholarship winners for 2014-2015 at a reception held for the Senior Honors Exhibition at the Lawton Gallery. Because of generous support from private citizens, Art was able to present just over $20,000 in scholarship funds to students currently continuing on with their study in the field of visual art. Scooping up the sweet rewards for hard work and creative excellence in this year’s scholarship jury competition were Beau Thomas, Laura Schley, Ranita Haanen, Brandon Lee Langer, Michael Arendt, Keri Ann Borremans, Olivia MacDonald, Jake Brunette, Holly Free, Ethan Kolb, Kyle Schwingel and Andrew Haugen. If you’ve not seen the Senior Honors Exhibition, it continues on at the Lawton till the end of the semester.