From beer truck to company president: Eggen thankful for college experience

The New North B2B publication has a great story in its January issue about UW-Green Bay Adult Degree and Masters of Management alum Ken Eggen, who recently was promoted to president of Dean Distributing. Eggen dropped out of college the first time around, but felt it was important to return — and he did, earning his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies some two decades later. Three years after that, Eggen earned his UW-Green Bay Masters in Management degree, and now he’s helping others pursue their educational dreams, as well. “We want our people to grow personally and professionally,” said Eggen, an Alumni Association Board member. “And the adult degree program — at UWGB anyway — is aligned with that.” Dean offers tuition reimbursement and other incentives for employees to return to the classroom, part of a broad company philosophy on education. The B2B story quotes our own Eric Craver and Christina Trombley, and offers some great additional info on adult degree. (Michael Bina, a longtime public relations practitioner and now an instructor in the Adult Degree Program, is the author.)