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Slice-of-life tweeting is part of ‘Knowledge Powers Wisconsin’ campaign

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The UW System and its member institutions are all about human ingenuity, invigorating the economy, and sustaining a high quality of life. With an iffy economy and a history of recent budget cuts, UW System leaders are looking to rally support for higher education through their new “Knowledge Powers Wisconsin” public awareness campaign that emphasizes the following:

• The best Wisconsin jobs will require a college degree.
• Wisconsin businesses turn to the UW for new ideas, support, and innovation.
• The UW has a strong, positive impact in communities across Wisconsin, where the “Wisconsin Idea” is alive and well.

The common Twitter account now being staffed by UW-Green Bay student Nellie Schafer is just one element, as various students, employees, alumni and others will share their own personal stories on a rotating basis. For more information on Knowledge Powers Wisconsin, visit

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