Prof. Kaye on national radio today to talk ‘America’s radical spirit’

Prof. Harvey J. Kaye of Democracy and Justice Studies will be interviewed on the nationally syndicated Thom Hartmann Radio Show during the 4 p.m. CST hour today (Monday, Dec. 9). He’ll be talking about his views regarding the “radicals-at-heart” makeup of this nation’s citizens. Additionally, Kaye will appear as a guest at 10 a.m. CST this Saturday on progressive radio outlet AM 880 in Asheville, N.C., to address similar issues. Kaye is getting national attention in the wake of his provocative essay last week at The Daily Beast. He critiques the book The Great Debate and its theory that “Right” and “Left” in America can be explained by differences articulated in colonial times by Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke. If you missed that essay, read it here.