In the media: Kaye pens column on FDR for

Our own Prof. Harvey J. Kaye pays homage to FDR and offers an analysis of the current race for president in a piece published Friday (Oct. 26) on FDR’s greatness stemmed from his “profound democratic faith and confidence in his fellow citizens,” Kaye writes, as well as his articulation of what often are termed the Four Freedoms — “Freedom of speech and expression … Freedom of worship … Freedom from want … Freedom from fear.” President Obama, Kaye states, is no FDR — but the piece does make the case for re-election, saying, “then we can, as FDR would expect of us, organize, mobilize and do our darndest to make a Democratic president do the right thing.” The column is written in the context of the dedication of New York City’s Four Freedoms Park, for which Kaye is an historical adviser. Read more.