Faculty note: ‘Spider man’ Draney presents at national conference

Prof. Michael Draney, Natural and Applied Sciences, gave an oral presentation at the annual meeting of the American Arachnological Society, which took place last year at East Tennessee State University. The talk was entitled, “Microhabitat distribution of Drapetisca alteranda, a tree trunk specialist sheetweb weaver (Araneae, Linyphiidae).” Authors were Michael L. Draney, Jennifer A. Hegnet, Ashley L. Johnson, Brooke C. Porter, Clarissa K. Justmann, and Patrick S. Forsythe. Hegnet, Johnson, Porter, and Justmann are UW-Green Bay undergrads. This research was conducted as a semester-long project in Assistant Prof. Patrick Forsythe’s Ecological and Environmental Methods and Analysis course. Draney says the UW-Green Bay team intends to submit a manuscript reporting on this research to the Journal of Arachnology.