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Gates details Flax Project in online article

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Associate Prof. Alison Gates, Art and Design, shared the history and highlights of the UW-Green Bay Flax Project in a recent online article for the Surface Design Association. The piece, currently featured in the SDA NewsBlog spotlight, emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of the Flax Project, which started as a collaborative effort between Gates and Associate Prof. Heidi Sherman, Humanistic Studies. As Log readers may recall, the pair and their students have been working together for several years (they’re now in their fourth planting season) to grow, harvest and process the flax to make it suitable for use as linen. On the Humanistic Studies (History) side, the project has provided a number of learning and research opportunities about the use of flax in the Medieval world. For more, check out Gates’ article. You can also find the Flax Project on Facebook.

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