In the media: Kraft talks John Doe fallout with WBAY

There was more news last week on the John Doe investigation into Wisconsin’s 2011 and 2012 recall elections, as documents unsealed Thursday show prosecutors believe Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of illegal coordination of fundraising efforts. Locally, WBAY, Channel 2 ran a story about the potential effects on Walker’s political career, turning to Prof. Emeritus Michael Kraft for his take on the fallout. “Coming today in the midst of the governor’s re-election campaign and with a fairly strong democratic opponent,” Kraft said, “with the polls showing that, in effect, the race is in a dead heat, any news that the governor is in the center of a probe of criminal wrongdoing cannot be good news for the governor.” It also could hurt Walker’s chances if he runs for president, as has been widely speculated, Kraft added. “If the governor cannot win re-election with a strong margin, I think that diminishes his Republican (candidacy) in 2016,” he said. Full story.