In the news: Cruz offers personal, professional take on downtown living

Associate Prof. Marcelo Cruz, Urban and Regional Studies, offered his academic and personal take on downtown living for a section-front Business story in Sunday’s (June 9) Green Bay Press-Gazette. Options for residential living increasingly are in demand in downtown Green Bay, the story says, and it’s a local trend that mirrors what’s happening elsewhere in the country. Empty nesters, young, upwardly mobile professionals and dual-income married couples without children are driving the trend, Cruz said. “They want to be able to work and play and live nearby, where they don’t have to use their automobiles,” said Cruz, who lives downtown and doesn’t own a car. He added that urban planners like the popularity of downtown living because increased residential density requires fewer resources and is more environmentally friendly. But whether it’s sustainable long-term remains a concern, Cruz said. Full story.