In the news: Hutchison offers take for story on Walmart debate

Urban and Regional Studies Prof. Ray Hutchison weighed in Tuesday (May 20) for a WLUK, Fox 11 News story about the ongoing battle over a possible Broadway district Walmart. The retailer’s land-use attorney spoke during Monday’s Green Bay City Council meeting, telling attendees Walmart can’t build a smaller or multi-level store because the area’s population density isn’t high enough to support those types of operations. In a telephone interview with reporter (and UW-Green Bay alum) Ben Krumholz, Hutchison said he doesn’t understand Walmart’s logic. “The idea that you’d have a real dense population and you can get by with a smaller space intuitively does not make sense,” Hutchison said. The cost of the land is likely more of a factor when it comes to building multiple levels, he added. “If it’s very expensive then they will build up,” Hutchison said. “If it’s inexpensive then they’ll build out.” Full story.