Hutchison celebrated in Bologna

Prof. Ray Hutchison of Urban and Regional Studies was invited to present a talk on the “Suburbanization of Ethnic Communities” at the University of Bologna last week (March 7).  What he did not know ahead of time is that before his invited talk to the University’s Achille Ardigò Dipartimento di Sociologia, there was a special presentation of the recent volume, Everyday Life in the Segmented City, with discussants Marco Castrignano and Giuseppe Losacco.  The book, edited by Gabriele Manella (University of Bologna), Camilla Perrone (University of Florence), and Lorenzo Tripodi (Berlin) is the eleventh volume in a larger series, Research in Urban Sociology, edited by Hutchison.  His talk on the suburbanization of ethnic communities discussed the history of immigration, the formation of ethnic communities in cities during the time of the Great Migration of blacks northward in 20th century America, and the recent suburbanization of both older and new immigrant communities in the United States.  The University of Bologna is said to be the oldest university in Europe, if not the world, started in 1088.  The recent program to standardize university curriculums across Europe and the EU is labeled the “Bologna Process” to acknowledge that history.