Prof. Emerita, New Leaf board president profiled in Press-Gazette

A Friday (Jan. 3) story about the founding director of UW-Green Bay’s Center for Food in Community and Culture emphasizes the importance of good food beginning at home and close to home. The Green Bay Press-Gazette’s profile of Prof. Emerita Lynn Walter, also president of the board of directors for New Leaf Market Cooperative, explores a passion for healthy, local food and better education surrounding how and what we eat. “I’m not food purist and hesitate to tell busy people how to live their lives,” Walter said. “I’ll just say that I give myself the following advice: Cook more from scratch. Do more gardening, especially more perennial food gardening. Purchase more fresh vegetables, especially fresh from the local farmers at the farmers markets. Learn more about how to prepare a wide variety of veggies to make them delicious and nutritious. Eat more meals together with family and friends, old and new, around the dinner table.” Good story.