@UWpowersME is under way; just wait until you see the UWGB tweets 

The number of followers is increasing daily and people seem to be interested in the account. The account is @UWpowersMe and guest tweeters from every UW System campus will rotate through one-week slots with, basically, “the keys” to the System’s Twitter account. The promotion debuts this week with a student from UW-Platteville sharing her daily experiences and observations. (Sign up now… up early in the rotation will be a UWGB student and a UWGB chancellor — we’ll share their names at a later date, closer to their one-week stints as guest twitterers.) As their student was first up, Platteville has a good overview of the project – click here. Or, you can go directly to the site www.twitter.com/UWPowersMe