Emmons co-curates new exhibit at Lawrence University

Prof. Carol Emmons of Art and Design has co-curated the “Art and Text” exhibition for Lawrence University with Wriston Galleries Acting Director Leslie Walfish. The exhibition surveys diverse examples from the LU collection that feature the conjunction of word and image, ranging from ancient coins to medieval manuscripts to contemporary drawing. The exhibit also includes items from Emmons’ collection of popular culture such as exonumia (rolled pennies), postcards, and a graphic novel. In addition, she contributed an essay to the catalog. The exhibition also includes a number of satellite shows: “The Book as Art” at the Mudd Library; “Tropos,” an interactive installation by the student magazine of the same name at the Mudd Library Gallery; “Visual Music,” featuring visual scores ranging from the medieval “ars subtilior” style to those of John Cage, in the Music-Drama Center lobby; and “Scientific Illustration” in the Steitz Hall of Science. The exhibition runs in the Leech Gallery of the Wriston Art Center until March 10; satellite exhibitions until Jan. 20.