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Psychology students delivering punny ‘Mil-grams’


Psychology students are spreading cheer as the end of the semester approaches by delivering “Mil-grams” to fellow students. The namesake for the “grams,” Stanley Milgram, is one of the most famous research psychologists of all time. He completed the famous Milgram Experiments where we learned that most people will shock another person to death if ordered by an authority figure (in a lab coat) to do so.

Students delivering the “Mil-grams” wear white lab coats when they deliver make puns and jokes like “shock your friends with a sweet treat” and “it is essential that you continue the deliveries” (a play on a famous line from the study).

To send a “mil-gram” to a Psychology student, fill out this form. “Mil-gram” delivers began Tuesday, Dec. 4 and will continue through Friday, Dec. 14 (or until supplies run out!)

Phoenix Snowflake downloadable pattern


It is beginning to look a lot like winter! Embrace the season and your Phoenix pride with this printable paper craft download brought to you by UW-Green Bay Marketing and University Communication.

Download Phoenix Snowflake [PDF]

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and print the Phoenix Snowflake template.
  2. Fold along the gray lines.
    • Fold first in quarters, then in thirds, keeping the phoenix pattern facing up.
    • Burnish the edges of each crease.
  3. Cut away the gray areas.
    • Use a sharp scissors.
    • Don’t bother to cut out the circle. The extra paper will give you something to hold onto.
    • Cut the detailed areas at the center first. The facets of the snowflake become increasingly less secure with each cut. It will be easiest to do the tiny detailed areas first.
    • Pinch the folded paper tightly, to prevent it from moving. It may help to use a clamp-style paperclip to hold it securely.
  4. Proudly display your Phoenix allegiance and snowflake-cutting prowess for all to enjoy! If you snap a photo, share it on social media with #uwgb!

Go Phoenix!

Thanksgiving closures

There are no classes on Wednesday, November 21 at the Green Bay  Campus. Classes will be held at Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan Campuses. All campuses will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving.

Some Green Bay Campus offices will be closed on Friday, Nov. 23. For information on Green Bay Campus office closures on Friday, November 23, see the Notice of Thanksgiving Holiday Office Closures from Human Resources.

Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan Campuses will be closed on Friday, Nov. 23. Normal business hours and classes will resume for all campuses on Monday, Nov. 26.

Insight from an UW-Green Bay international student

Elke van der Werff, is a senior political science major from the Netherlands. She also works in UW-Green Bay’s Office of International Education. She has been studying at UW-Green Bay for three semesters, and she took some time to share five things she has found surprising about Green Bay, Wisconsin and the United States. “Every day this is something I tend to forgot because the state of Wisconsin alone is already four times bigger than my country,” she says. “I also think it is interesting that Wisconsinites count distances in time instead of in miles, and that a two or three hour drive is ‘not that bad.'” Read more of her thoughts.

Hired before graduation? Share the news

Do you know student graduating this December who has secured post-grad employment or has been accepted into a graduate program? Share the news! Send students names to social media coordinator Jena Richter Landers, who will spotlight the students on University social media. Students will be contacted, photographed and asked to share brief information about themselves and their post-UW-Green Bay plans. This content will be used to populate Hired Before Graduation features on Facebook and Twitter. See last semester’s Hired Before Graduation Facebook album. Landers will accept names via email ( through December 3.

Phoenix Pumpkin Pride

Carving pumpkins for Halloween? Use this Phoenix Emblem template to carve some Phoenix pride into your pumpkin. Download the pattern, print and transfer onto the pumpkin. Display your “Phlash-o-lantern” with pride and share photos of your UW-Green Bay pumpkins at #uwgb or email them to social media coordinator Jena Richter Landers,

UW-Green Bay Pumpkin Carving Template

Phoenix Emblem Pumpkin Carving Pattern