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06/04/2019 - Prof. Fermanich interviewed for NASA/NEW Water story

“UW-Green Bay professor and researcher Kevin Fermanich (NAS), has worked with NEW Water on addressing pollution problems in the lower Fox-Green Bay watershed, a 10 million acre area that includes the Fox, Wolf and East rivers that contribute to heavy levels of nutrients and sediments found throughout the watershed. Fermanich said partnering with NASA, the European Space Agency and […]

06/04/2019 - Save the Friday fish fry! says UW-Green Bay partner, The Farmory

The Friday night fish fry—a staple of Northeast Wisconsin—is in trouble, with most of the fish on your Friday plate, imported. The Farmory, in partnership with UW-Green Bay’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology, is on a mission to change the tide, be creating a perch hatchery right here, in Northeast Wisconsin. Read more and […]

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06/04/2019 - UW-Green Bay names business school dean

Insight Publications is helping spread the word to the business community about last week’s announcement regarding Mathew Dornbush being named dean of the Cofrin School of Business. See the story.

06/04/2019 - Take your music talent to the Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is back and as reported recently, the Weidner Center is partnering to bring music and entertainment back with it. See this story from WBAY.

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06/04/2019 - Professional development opportunity, ‘Strategies for Grant Writing’

UW-Green Bay Continuing Education is hosting training for non-profit professionals at UW-Green Bay’s Manitowoc Campus. The Success Workshop: Strategies for Grant Writing, will be July 24-25, 8:30 a.m. to Noon. Cost is $179. Register here. The two-part series will dive into the grant-writing process and how to excel at developing a grant-writing strategy. Associate Prof. […]

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06/04/2019 - Professors Staudinger and Levintova share news about a new book

UW-Green Bay Associate Professors in Democracy and Justice Studies, Alison Staudinger and Prof. Katrina Levintova have great news. Their new book (Gender in the Political Science Classroom, Indiana U Press, 2018) has been reviewed and profiled in the New Books Network (a consortium of author-interview podcast channels dedicated to raising the level of public discourse […]

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06/04/2019 - Best cities for creative professionals? That’s right, Green Bay

Where are the best cities for creative professionals? The Thrillest, which publishes stories on food and drink, travel, entertainment, etc… says Green Bay makes the list. “Specifically, they looked at 181 metro areas around the country and considered two distinct metrics—cost of living and concentration of creative jobs—then ranked them accordingly. Green Bay was No. […]

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06/04/2019 - Summer reading? The Cofrin Library has suggestions

Looking for summer reading suggestions? After last week’s popular banding of UW-Green Bay’s nesting Peregines, how about tying a reading list to the conservationists—Thoreau, Carson, Muir, Leopold—for which the falcons were named? See more.

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06/04/2019 - Prof. Fermanich talks water quality initiative with NEW Water and NASA

“Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, has been an issue in lower Green Bay for several decades. Now, with a partnership with NASA, NEW Water will have the ability to better detect and understand this toxin which can be harmful to humans and animals.” WFRV has more.

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