Assistant Prof. Vallari Chandna comments on the growth of online grocery shopping

Assistant Prof. Vallari Chandna (Business Administration) was interviewed on WPR’s Central time on the subject of grocery shopping evolution, discussing the varied options, user demographics, changing shopping preferences and U.S. and global patterns of online grocery shopping. Her radio segment is available for listening.

Rosewall on WPR: Stop hating on arts degrees

Prof. Ellen Rosewall of Arts Management did an hour earlier this month (Nov. 10) on the Joy Cardin Show on Wisconsin Public Radio.  A former chair of the Wisconsin Public Radio Association, a leading arts advocate and chair and founder of UWGB’s arts management major, Rosewall shared her observation that society/business/everyone needs the creativity that those “frivolous or impractical” fine arts degrees cultivate. Great interview and call-ins, at this site. 

Riddle previews play with WPR

Prof. Laura Riddle is a huge old-time radio fan… which came through in a highly descriptive and entertaining interview Wednesday afternoon on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Central Time” program. She talks about the exacting challenge of synching up music, actors and sound effects — and indicated that a lot of the show’s fun will come from watching the “tech crew” scramble to simulate script details such as “Harry falls through the ice,” for example, by twisting stalks of celery (which sounds like ice breaking). A listenable seven-minute segment, can be heard here. 

Wisconsin Public Radio sings praises of Philosophers’ Café

Tune in to WPR Friday morning (6:45 or 8:45 a.m.) and you’ll hear reference to the monthly Philosophers’ Café program organized by faculty members at UW-Green Bay. We’re told that last month’s Philosophers’ Café – a discussion of higher education’s relationship to social inequality – attracted the attention of WPR’s Wisconsin Life producers. The show, which first aired on Wednesday, consists of an overview of the Philosophers’ Café series, an interview with Denise Bartell of Human Development, who presented at the Café, and Christopher Martin of Humanistic Studies, who organizes it. Wisconsin Life does a thorough job capturing the community connection, depth of topics, and comradery that the Café series has fed for the last five years. For a link to the story and WPR segment.
If you’d like to learn more about the Café.

Rybak, Packers Project team featured on WPR’s “Central Time”

Associate Prof. Chuck Rybak and alumna Kate Farley appeared live on Wisconsin Public Radio Friday (Jan. 9), discussing their Packers Project initiative ahead of Sunday’s big game. As we’ve told you here before, the Packers Project is a fan-sourced digital archive of all things Green and Gold, from game-day memories to super superstitions and must-have tailgate recipes. Anyone can contribute and search text, images, audio or video pertaining to the team, and Project organizers (Rybak, Farley and current students Luke Konkol and Cole Heyn) hope to create a rich and-ever growing repository of memories that celebrate the hometown team. In case you missed it, you can listen to the full segment.

In the news: WPR covers Cat Island, Duck Creek grant for NAS

A federal grant that will aid UW-Green Bay scientists’ efforts to restore native plants in the bay got some airtime Monday (Nov. 24) on Wisconsin Public Radio. Associate Prof. Matt Dornbush spoke with WPR’s Patty Murray about the $225,000 grant, which will be used to help native plants — including bulrush, water celery and wild rice — make a comeback in the area of Cat Island and Duck Creek. “This is an amazingly unique project on a global scale,” Dornbush told Murray. “This type of stuff really hasn’t been done. So what we’re hoping to do is really try to develop restoration strategies. How do you actually restore these marsh communities to an area this big?” As we told you here previously, Dornbush, Prof. Bob Howe and Associate Prof. Amy Wolf, along with adjunct faculty member and UW-Extension environmental studies specialist Patrick Robinson, are the primary researchers for the study, with assistance from students Brianna Kupsky and Tom Prestby of the Environmental Science and Policy graduate program.

You can check out the WPR story, along with our UW-Green Bay News release, here:
WPR story
UW-Green Bay News release

In the news: Miller talks transition with Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin Public Radio’s Patty Murray caught up with Chancellor Gary L. Miller during a residence hall tour last week, reporting a short story on how UW-Green Bay’s sixth chancellor is adjusting to life on campus. “Understanding the physical layout, knowing where people are, where the various offices are — I’ve just started that process,” Miller told Murray. “I was out today at lunch walking around various buildings. I got lost a couple of times.” Learning the campus layout, of course, is just one part of Miller’s process of getting to know with UW-Green Bay. In less than a month on the job, he has surveyed faculty, staff and key University stakeholders, had countless meetings with campus and community leaders and boards, and spent time meeting with members of the news media. Check out the full WPR story.

‘Skateboarding cop’ alum featured on WPR

UW-Green Bay alumnus Joel Zwicky ’97 continues to make headlines as Green Bay’s “skateboarding cop.” Wisconsin Public Radio’s Patty Murray this week did a story on Zwicky, a city officer who hits the streets on his long board to patrol and build rapport within the community. “We’ve always been told we’ve got to dress the same. We’ve almost got this Storm Trooper uniform. We’re all like clones,” Zwicky told Murray. “But each one of us has our own talents and experiences we bring, and if we can start tapping into that and allowing officers to bring their own talents and passions to work so that they can use those to help relate and police those communities, I think we’re going to be way ahead.” Full story.