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Open Letter to the File Not Found Squirrel

Current File Not Found Page
Current File Not Found Page

This week, Assistant Prof. Jennie Young (English, Humanities, Director of the Writing Center) scripted An Open Letter to the File Not Found Squirrel, celebrating the empathetic furry rodent. Anyone who has used the UW-Green Bay website in any depth since fall of 2012, is likely familiar with the 404 error page and would appreciate Young’s tongue-in-cheek homage.

The squirrel 404 page was an after-hours side-project designed by Kimberly Vlies (digital marketing specialist, Marketing and University Communication) in November of 2012 and was built by then web services developer, Andrew Buckman ’02 (Business Administration). The intent behind the page was to take an unfortunate experience and make it as positive as possible. The page was quietly slipped into site updates associated with an institutional rebranding initiative that was happening at the time.

Original File Not Found Page
Original File Not Found Page

The File Not Found Squirrel lives on in the current 404 page published in Kentico, UW-Green Bay’s Content Management System.

Photo credit for this Eastern Gray Squirrel (sciurus carolinensis) goes to former UW-Green Bay social media specialist Todd Sanders, whose office in Student Services had a view of “The Quad” where the squirrel was photographed. This photo was taken on January 23, 2007 and is one of an entire album that Sanders created, included below for your enjoyment.

Click to advance slideshow or view the album on Flickr.


– Photos by Todd Sanders

New online directory at your fingertips

The web development staff members have been working on a new online directory. It is available from the front page www.uwgb.edu (click directory). The directory provides a site-wide search as well as faculty/staff look-up and a department directory by phone and e-mail. It also provides ways to connect via social media. Questions, comments or concerns can be directed to webdev@uwgb.edu.


New webpages for majors and minors by Sept. 1

UW-Green Bay Biology Page
Newly-converted Biology page

Adept web users may have noticed that some UW-Green Bay academic pages have a new look. The University’s Web Strategy Committee is currently in the process of converting all academic pages to the new global template. Text and images from Admissions handouts featuring majors and minors are being used to populate each respective landing page. In addition to refreshing the content, this conversion includes better alignment of majors and minors pages with the recruitment process. Some of these newly-converted pages have already been published. For example, see the new Biology page.

All new majors and minors landing pages are expected to launch by Sept. 1, 2017, at which time campus-wide content editors will be able to access the pages and make any necessary content changes and updates going forward. Content editors who may not have seen prior communication from Paula Ganyard, co-chair of the Web Strategy Committee, are encouraged to contact her for further details.

Conversion of other sub-pages will be addressed during another phase of this project. After the academic pages, work continues on prioritizing sub-sites that require significant updates and overhaul, including:

  • Graduate Programs
  • Academic Affairs (non-academic units)
  • Advancement
  • Business & Finance
  • Student Affairs

The Web Strategy team is in the process of auditing these areas to understand the size and scope of the changes needed. This work will inform campus priorities which will be shared in September.

Web Strategy Committee

The University’s Web Strategy Committee, whose appointment and charge was announced by the Chancellor’s office June 7, has been meeting over the summer to develop a web strategy and priorities for UW-Green Bay’s website. The strategy serves as the foundation for the path forward, and provides direction for realizing the shared goal of creating, maintaining and continuously enhancing a website that attracts and engages prospective students, alumni, donors, faculty/staff, community and the news media. Target audiences and objectives have also been prioritized and developed during this process. It provides the context needed to work together effectively on future website improvements and enhancements and drives the alignment needed to achieve our content and branding objectives.

Website Requests

The Web Strategy Committee welcomes thoughts, ideas and questions it continues to improve and enhance UW-Green Bay’s site. An online form for submitting ideas regarding uwgb.edu, to be addressed by the Committee, can be found at  www.uwgb.edu/web-strategy-committee/ideas.

Campus website down (shortly) for server change

The campus website will be unavailable for a brief period sometime between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Thursday, August 4 while files are moved to a new server.  In preparation for this move, the ability to make updates to websites will be removed at noon on Wednesday, August 3 and will be restored after the move is complete.  Questions or concerns can be directed to the Web Services team, webdev@uwgb.edu.

Fresh new look for admissions website

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.58.02 AM

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but admissions and web development team members have been hard at work creating a new admissions website. The site complements the new UWGB front page that was launched in January, with great photos, visuals, easy navigation and direct calls to action. Check it out www.uwgb.edu/admissions and forward the link to your favorite prospective student!

Website redesign launches Dec. 21

In an effort to continually improve UW-Green Bay’s web presence, Web Services rolled out top-level pages of a newly developed University website beginning Monday (Dec. 21).  Users will notice the fresh look and improved usability. A commitment to “responsive design” — automatically providing users an attractive and comprehensible site for all devices from laptop to tablet to smartphone — was a driving factor in the redesign. The fresh look at www.uwgb.edu leverages large images, social media, video and other featured content to help tell the UW-Green Bay story of “Transformation, Innovation and Place” with greater impact. The launch follows consultation with the Office of the Chancellor and a number of campus stakeholders. The web development team is rolling out the site during winter break when there are fewer users, giving internal audiences a chance to adjust to the changes before the spring semester. Phase two of the rollout will include working closely with the Admissions team to improve the Admissions/Enrollment web presence. Please be patient as the team continues to make changes and adjustments that benefit the many users and audiences of the University website.

UW-Green Bay homepage gets new look

You may have noticed that the University home page has an updated layout today (April 6). Campus personnel in Admissions, Web Services and University Communication worked together on updates that provide for richer and more frequent content updates and a better browsing experience for users, particularly prospective students, while remaining as a useful portal for UW-Green Bay’s primary audiences.

Faculty note: Nursing’s Tyczkowski featured on faculty-development website

Assistant Prof. Brenda Tyczkowski of Nursing, academic director of the Health Information Management Technology collaborative online master’s program for UW-Green Bay, was selected to participate in a web-based project to promote best practices in online learning. The sponsoring consortium — led by outreach, distance learning and continuing education specialists from partner institutions UW-Extension, Cal-Irvine and the University of Washington — calls itself ASG or Actions, Solutions, Growth: University Partners. Tyczkowski participated in the “ASG Best In Show” initiative showcasing how experienced online faculty design, develop, and teach online courses. A collection of instructional overview videos and topic-focused interview videos and tip sheets provide answers to commonly asked questions. To listen and learn about Tyczkowski’s online teaching experiences.

University’s new calendar display, and revised car/room reservations

You might have already noticed that the University’s master calendar has a new look (http://calendar.uwgb.edu/MasterCalendar.aspx). You can use this calendar to help you find events on campus, and narrow your search by clicking various links and options. By default, this calendar automatically shows what is happening in the University Union, unless you specify other preferences. For questions, please contact staff member Rachel Wussow at 465-2910.

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Also new: For anyone needing to schedule a room or a car from motor pool, you need to use the following link: http://reservations.uwgb.edu/. You can use this site to browse facilities, and browse the Reservation Book to see what is happening in various rooms around the campus. If you want to book or request rooms or cars, you can become an authorized user. Any questions on the Room Scheduler should be directed to staff member Andy Wenig at 465-2328.

New website for Admissions

There are a few bells and whistles yet to be added, but the redesigned Office of Admission website is pretty much up and running at www.uwgb.edu/admissions/. Prospective students will find a site that is highly responsive (“responsive” being a term that describes a webpage that displays in attractive fashion whether the user is browsing with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone). The new look also promises easier navigation, a more intuitive experience, larger photos and a fresh design that incorporates the 360° branding.