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University police urge cold weather caution

Via email from UW-Green Bay Police:

Campus Community,

University Police, Facilities Operations, and the Office of Risk Management would like to again remind all members of our campus community that the extreme cold weather we are experiencing now and for the next several days presents numerous safety concerns. Walking and driving areas may be affected by packed down snow or ice that is minimally responsive to the surfaces treatments applied to them. It’s simple science, when the ground and air temperatures are as low as they are, salt does not work. The hard ice also presents challenges to the removal equipment used, which is generally designed to remove loose and packed snow.

Crews are working hard to eliminate all areas of concern, but we would like to urge everyone to use good judgement when navigating the campus. Some tips are as follows:

  • Dress warm enough to endure the cold conditions. Even if you are just running a quick outside errand, ask yourself if you could survive outside in the cold for an hour.
  • Use entrances to campus and buildings that have been cleared, even if they’re not the most convenient.
  • When walking, keep your hands out of your pockets to allow for better balancing.
  • Wear footwear appropriate for the slippery conditions you will walk in and change your footwear once inside if necessary.
  • When driving, anticipate the need for extra stopping distance and reduce your speed early and provide extra distance once stopped.
  • If an area is closed, such as a roadway or path, don’t use it. Please know that it was closed for a reason.
  • Don’t use cruise control or sharp wheel corrections when driving, they can cause of loss of traction in slippery areas.
  • Always make sure you have good visibility before you drive, clear all your windows off.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained and with at least half a tank of gas. You never know when you might get stuck.

Respectfully sent,

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Police Department

UW-Green Bay Winter Scene

Winter Weather reminders from University Police

According to the National Weather Service, the total snow fall is expected to be from 5-8” in the Green Bay area; with around 3” falling during the day and another 3” during the evening hours. In addition to the snow fall, the temperatures will significantly drop Thursday night moving to single digit highs for the weekend.

When snow falls during normal hours of operation, the removal of snow is challenging in occupied parking lots and requires us to prioritize removal. First priority is given to the major roadways and our primary use parking lots. The Kress Events Center, Laboratory Sciences, Studio Arts, and Wood Hall parking lots will be given first priority. If you use a different parking lot please consider shifting and using one of these lots. The Kress Events Center lot remains dedicated to the fight against COVID 19 and those actively getting vaccinations or bi-weekly testing with Prevea Health. All other parking areas, including those in Residence Life areas, will be managed as soon as practical but as a secondary priority.

Now is also a good time to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the arriving snow and cold temperatures.  In addition to being prepared, here are some Winter Weather Tips that you should keep in mind.

  • If you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t go. There is no reason to risk an accident.
  • Before the cold comes, get your battery checked. Many auto parts store offer free testing to see if your battery needs replacing.
  • Always clear off your vehicle before operating it.
    • Remove snow from headlights and brake lights.
    • Remove snow from ALL windows and make sure they are adequately defrosted.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles and slow down well before an anticipated stop.
  • All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive, is not four wheel stop. Don’t let your vehicles capabilities make you over confident.
  • Try to maintain 1/4 tank of gas at all times. If you run out of gas, you run out heat in your car.
  • Put a blanket or warm clothes in your car and leave them there. If you become stranded, a blanket could save your life… literally.
  • Have a shovel and a small bag of ice melt at your disposal. A shovel and ice can bail you out of slippery situations.
  • Don’t use the cruise control in wintry conditions.
  • And always buckle up!

Respectfully sent,

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay police Department

A fire safety reminder

As we approach Fire Safety Month here is a reminder of things to help keep you safe in the event of a fire emergency:

  • When a fire alarm sounds, immediately evacuate the building using the nearest available exit.  DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.  Close doors and windows as you leave.
  • In the event of an emergency evacuation please remember you should use the nearest exits and be aware of any specific meeting locations you should report to (a distance of at least 100 feet from the building).
  • Identify two ways out of every room.
  • If an exit is blocked during an emergency, use another exit.
  • If a fire occurs, feel the door; if the door is hot, don’t open it.  Use your alternate exit.
  • Mobility impaired or people unable to exit using the stairs should enter an enclosed stairwell, close the door and call 911.
  • Report suspicious fires or signs of burning, regardless of the size, to school officials.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.

Top Causes of fires:

  • Cooking / Cooking equipment
  • Smoking
  • Heating, such as space heaters
  • Candles
  • Electrical (Overloaded power strips)

Be the Hero on the Outside by providing information to police and firefighters about what / who may be inside.

UW-Green Bay police get field force training | WBAY

Nearly 60 officers from six Northeast Wisconsin police and sheriff’s agencies are now federally certified in how they respond to riots or even protests.

They began planning the special training last year to provide security at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, but it’s become increasingly important in the last few months.

The Brown County Mobile Field Force Unit, made up of officers from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Ashwaubenon Public Safety and De Pere Police are joining University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Manitowoc, Green Lake and Winnebago county officers for a three-day training program coordinated by FEMA and the Center for Domestic Preparedness.

Source: Northeast Wisconsin police get field force training | WBAY

Active shooter training is Oct. 4

UW-Green Bay Police will be hosting an active shooter presentation on Oct. 4, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Instructional Services, Room 1034. This course titled “Run-Hide-Fight” will not only inform you of the many resources the University has in place to mitigate-respond-recover from a high risk incident, but it will also teach you the tools you can use to enhance your personal safety until law enforcement arrives. This event is free and open to the public.