Library remembers ‘uwgb’ playing at Lambeau Field

The Cofrin Library’s Area Research Center has a “Throwback Thursdays” post today on its Facebook page. Remember when UW-Green Bay had a marching band that performed at Packers games? Did you know that the Center has a collection of Packers-related editorial cartoons? Check the post at

Back in the day, Phoenix mascot was fuzzy red hatchling

This week’s Throwback Thursday post on Facebook includes a rare photo of a red “Phoenix B. Bird.” (Actually, the shaggy looking costume in the faded photo has a coppery orange hue.) It looks to be part of a trading card promotional series for UW-Green Bay basketball. Take a look at

Throwback Thursdays pulls up a chair, 1970s style

The thing is, these vintage chairs are either still in use at UW-Green Bay or only recently banished to a previous century. The Cofrin Library’s Area Research Center has posted a grooving group photo of vintage UWGB furniture in this week’s Throwback Thursdays feature, at

Throwback Thursday and Summer Session 1969

Call it the Summer of … Star Trek (?)  The Cofrin Library’s Area Research Center and University Archives office have a new entry in their ongoing “Throwback Thursdays” site. Since summer session 2013 started this week, the current Throwback Thursday post is about summer session 1969 … including a reference to a Star Trek course.

Throwback Thursdays: days of paper registration

Last week, our friends in Archives and the Area Research Center generated a lot of traffic to their Facebook site with their first ever “Throwback Thursdays” posting. They pulled some photos out of storage of the old Lucy Stone women’s center at UW-Green Bay. This week’s topic: the old days of long lines, course-registration binders and paper registration. See more.

‘Throwback Thursdays’ debuts at Library Archives Facebook page

Today we launched a new facebook feature for the Archives. We will have “Throwback Thursdays.” (Today’s post is about something new in 1972: The Lucy Stone Center.) Each Thursday will feature a post of photos, trivia and tidbits of campus history. Visit