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University Staff no longer recycling toner cartridges, but the Mailroom will help

The University Staff is no longer collecting toner cartridges or tanks on the UW-Green Bay campus. Going forward the Mailroom will take all cartridges and toner tanks provided they are in clean packaging.  Below are the options for recycling: MARCO cartridges:  Print a postage paid/free shipping label here: https://www.marconet.com/support/vendor-recycling-program All other cartridges and toner tanks: […]

Surplus computer sale, with Windows 7

“Still running Windows XP at home?” asks the Institutional Support Office. If “yes,” your computer is increasingly at risk. Since Microsoft has stopped making updates for Windows XP, the system is prone to viruses. Your best bet might be to consider buying a reasonably priced surplus computer with Windows 7 already installed. Contact Receiving at […]

New: ‘Surplus Blog’ helps offices claim stuff for repurposing

As part of sustainability efforts to re-use campus surplus, employees will now have an easy new tool to find out what’s available. Called the “Surplus Blog,” it will list items available for claiming on a first-come, first-served basis. Items will be listed for 30 days. They will be available for re-use only by UW-Green Bay […]

Office Supply Exchange Depot

Too many paper clips, extra toner or staplers laying around your office area or stashed in a supply cabinet?  Do you need to order extra intra-campus envelopes or ring binders?   Before ordering new or tossing extra supplies, consider recycling surplus office supplies with your campus friends and coworkers. The Office Supply Exchange Depot started last year […]

For sale via surplus: Power Mac G5s

Linda Dupuis, director of Institutional Support including our purchasing functions, expects a lot of interest on this. She shares the following announcement: “UW-Green Bay is selling 10 surplus Power Mac G5s. Because of the limited number, they are all being sold through an online auction website (S.W.A.P.). The Macs are located toward the bottom of […]

Surplus Sale update: laptops and notebooks

This just in: Surplus laptops/notebooks are now available for sale on the UW SWAP online auction site. (See “Gateway M460 Notebook” near the bottom of the webpage.) The Purchasing department is also offering additional desktop computers that they sell direct or through the SWAP website.  If you missed them the first time around, there are […]