Students: Nominate an instructor for the Student Nominated Teacher Awards

Students can now nominate instructors for the Student Nominated Teaching Awards. Each year, students have the chance to acknowledge instructors who have made a significant impact on them through their teaching or mentoring with Student Nominated Teacher Awards. This year in particular, we hope to recognize as many UW-Green Bay faculty as possible with such kudos and awards.

 If you wish to recognize a UW-Green Bay instructor for their work, you simply need to follow this link to login and complete a very brief 5-minute form describing what the teacher has done to support your learning either now or in the past. Your recognition will then be shared with them (with your name or anonymously, based on your choice). You can nominate more than one person, but you will need to submit a separate survey for each instructor.

Students encouraged to nominate instructors by Sunday, April 21

 The Instructional Development Council presents the Student Nominated Teaching Award. This award recognizes and rewards excellent teaching from the perspective of students. Students are encouraged to nominate an instructor who has made a significant impact on their learning. Students can nominate an instructor electronically here beginning on Monday, April 1, 2019. Nominations are due by Sunday, April 21, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Reilly or Jeremy Intemann, Instructional Development Council Co-Chairs.

Student Nominated Teaching Award winners

The Student Nominated Teacher Award is an effort of the Instructional Development Council and Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning that recognizes excellent teaching from a student perspective. This year, the committee changed the administration of the award to reflect the breadth and diversity of outstanding teaching that is taking place on this campus. The IDC will no longer limit the award to one early career and one experienced teacher. Instead, any instructor who receives two or more nominations demonstrating real impact on the student experience is recognized as a recipient. The IDC’s goal in making this change is to celebrate a larger group of instructors, and endow students with greater agency over the process. The campus community thanks the following 53 instructors for their dedication to teaching and to their students.

Mandeep Bakshi, Natural and Applied Sciences
Danielle Bina, Information and Computing Sciences
Bryan Carr, Information and Computing Sciences
Heather Clarke, Business Administration
Jason Cowell, Human Development
Ryan Currier, Natural and Applied Sciences
Karen Dalke, Public and Environmental Affairs
Christin DePouw, Education
Heidi Fencl, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jamie Froh Tyrrell, Education
Regan Gurung, Human Development
Stefan Hall, Humanities
Jennifer Ham, Humanities
David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs
Michael Hencheck, Human Biology
Georgette Heyrman, Human Biology
Patricia Hicks, Human Development
Michael Holstead, Humanities
James Horn, Natural and Applied Sciences
Isabel Iglesias, Humanities
Kevin Kain, Humanities
Ryan Kauth, Business Administration
Harvey Kaye, Democracy and Justice Studies
Carly Kibbe, Human Biology
Emily Kincaid, Writing Center
Mary Sue Lavin, Phuture Phoenix
Minkyu Lee, Art and Design
Ekaterina Levintova, Democracy and Justice Studies
Tetyana Malysheva, Natural and Applied Sciences
Ryan Martin, Human Development
Rebecca Meacham, Humanities
Brian Merkel, Human Biology
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology
Cristina Ortiz, Humanities
Debra Pearson, Human Biology
Uwe Pott, Human Biology
Emily Ransom, Humanities
Kim Reilly, Democracy and Justice Studies
Ellen Rosewall, Art and Design
Laura Rowell, Human Biology
Nichole Rued, Writing Center
Sarah Schuetze, Humanities
Sawa Senzaki, Human Development
Christine Smith, Human Development
Alison Staudinger, Democracy and Justice Studies
Jagadeep Thota, Natural and Applied Sciences
Linda Toonen, Humanities
Sara Wagner, Human Biology
Sam Watson, Art and Design
Aaron Weinschenk, Public and Environmental Affairs
Elizabeth Wheat, Public and Environmental Affairs
Georjianna Wilson-Doenges, Human Development
Julie Wondergem, Natural and Applied Sciences

Faculty note: Katia Levintova and Megan Olson Hunt win the 2017 Student Nominated Teaching Awards

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Instructional Development Council are pleased to announce the 2017 Student Nominated Teaching Award Winners. Associate Professor Katia Levintova (Democracy and Justice Studies, Global Studies and Political Science) is the winner of the Experienced Teacher Award. Students praise Professor Levintova’s dedication to students and her clear passion for teaching. Her positive attitude and equity-minded approach to teaching promote students’ self-esteem in- and outside of her classroom, and her use of experiential learning draws her students into a rigorous exploration of politics across the globe. Assistant Professor Megan Olson Hunt (Natural and Applied Sciences) is the winner of the Early-Career Award. Her students marvel at her ability to spark a deep interest in statistics and math using real-life case studies and engaging lectures. Her enthusiasm for her field spreads to her students, and she provides extraordinary support to them as unique individuals to promote their success and well-being. Students will present the awards at the University Leadership Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 12.

Update: Two students inadvertently left out of Leadership Awards announcement

The 36th Annual University Leadership Awards program will take place at 6 p.m. Friday, May 12 in the University Theatre, Theatre Hall. A reception will follow. The awards being presented are the Chancellor’s Medallion, the University Leadership Award, the Outstanding Student Award, two Student Nominated Teaching Awards and the Outstanding Student Organization and Organization Service Project awards. Chancellor Gary Miller and Provost Greg Davis will be participating in the ceremony. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by Friday, May 5. Contact Student Life at 920-465-2220 with any questions. An update from the original posting: Students Morgan Storkson and Breanna Suess were inadvertently left out of Leadership Awards announcement. See the full list.

Spring 2017 Recipients

University Leadership Award Winners 

Vianna Alfaro
Casey Aschliman
Nikolas Austin
Brianna Bodoh
Trevor Copeland
Jana Derer
Kayla Duesterbeck
Natalie Eckstein
Lisa Ford
Riley Garbe
Torey Gostas
Alexandra Graff
Sandra Graybill
Sam Hable
Natalie Hartjes
Stephanie Hermans
Nicole Hoelzel
Madaline Jensen
Ashley Keenan
Katelyn Krantz
Mallory Krueger
Shelby Larson
Allison LeMahieu
Hanna Mierow
Nathan Nichols
Tanya Niemi
Trevor Olsen
Trina Pachan
Nathan Rousseau
Heidi Satori
Nicholas Schommer
Danielle Shea
Adrianna Sosnowska
Morgan Storkson
Breanna Suess
Morgan Theobald
Nigel Tourdot
Leslie Trochlil
Phoenix Van Laanen
Katie Voss
Cassandra Walczak
Courtney Zambon

Chancellor’s Medallion Award Winners

Evan Ash
Tonie Bear
Michaella Brickner
Marissa Cherek
Caleb Chmielewski
Rachel Clift
Denise Coppock
Lewis Drumheller
Mackenzie Dunn
Eli Hughes
Andre Johnson
Annie Jones
Gretchen Klefstad
Kyle Leubka
Haley Lucas
Michelle McChesney
Miranda Michaelis
Courtney O’Donnell
Megan Powers
Cassandra Raymond
Katherine Scharenbroch
Allee Schramm
Annemarie Schwery
Jeremiah Shrovnal
Angela Smet
Sierra Spaulding
Taylor Steele
Liza Steffeck
Joseph Taylor
Cody VonRuden
Madelyn Winter
James Wise

Student-Nominated Teaching honorees are Schmitz, Katers

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce the Spring 2015 Student Nominated Teaching Award recipients. Recipients will be presented their award at the University Leadership Award ceremony on Friday, May 15.

• Early Career Award Recipient — Sara Schmitz, Lecturer, Human Biology, director of Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics

• Experienced Teacher Award Recipient — John Katers, Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences, NAS chair, Environmental Science chair

From CATL: “Congratulations and thank you for exemplifying outstanding teaching at UW-Green Bay.”

Student-Nominated Teaching Awards go to Helpap, Clampitt

The Instructional Development Council in partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning have honored the Fall 2014 recipients of the Student Nominated Teaching Award. Assistant Prof. David Helpap of Public and Environmental Affairs has received the early career award while Prof. Phillip Clampitt of Information and Computing Science was honored in the experienced teacher category. The award asks students to nominate an instructor who has made a significant impact on their learning. The awards were presented Dec. 12 at the University Leadership Awards program on campus.