Surplus computer sale, with Windows 7

“Still running Windows XP at home?” asks the Institutional Support Office. If “yes,” your computer is increasingly at risk. Since Microsoft has stopped making updates for Windows XP, the system is prone to viruses. Your best bet might be to consider buying a reasonably priced surplus computer with Windows 7 already installed. Contact Receiving at ext. 2215 or for more information.

New: ‘Surplus Blog’ helps offices claim stuff for repurposing

As part of sustainability efforts to re-use campus surplus, employees will now have an easy new tool to find out what’s available. Called the “Surplus Blog,” it will list items available for claiming on a first-come, first-served basis. Items will be listed for 30 days. They will be available for re-use only by UW-Green Bay offices and departments. Click here to view the webpage. Another option is to subscribe to the blog by clicking “Subscribe to RSS Feed.” Send feedback or questions to Al Cartwright at or ext. 2215.

Free, but delivery charges possible — To claim an item, send your request to, including your department, your budget code and the delivery location. There is no charge for the surplus, however you will be notified in advance if there is a delivery charge.  As a reminder, donations of state surplus or property to private individuals, for-profit organizations or state employees are prohibited.

Office Supply Exchange Depot

Too many paper clips, extra toner or staplers laying around your office area or stashed in a supply cabinet?  Do you need to order extra intra-campus envelopes or ring binders?   Before ordering new or tossing extra supplies, consider recycling surplus office supplies with your campus friends and coworkers. The Office Supply Exchange Depot started last year in the Receiving Area (LS 110) and has helped in providing boxes of surplus office supplies.  To get started, send your useable surplus office supplies in your campus mail bin and then stop by Receiving (LS 110) between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to select needed surplus office supplies, currently including file holders, paper clips, 3 ring binders, and intra-campus envelopes.  Please note that this surplus is intended for UW-Green Bay campus work purposes only, not for personal use. It’s the environmentally correct thing to do, plus, with budgets getting tighter every year, every penny saved helps!  For questions, contact Al Cartwright or Eric Knapowski at or x2215.

Canada postal shutdown affects customers here

Yesterday, Canada Post suspended all postal services nationwide.  The US Postal Service will continue to accept mail destined for Canada, however it is being held pending a resolution.  Departments who need to send letters and packages to Canada may avoid service delays by using Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service, UPS or FedEx.   Please contact Al Cartwright in Receiving x2215, if you need help with a mailing to Canada.  Stay tuned for further developments.

Reminder: Electronic waste ‘roundup,’ through Friday

Have any University-generated e-waste? Deliver to the Receiving/Mail Center area (Lab Sciences 110) by this Friday (April 1). Disposal fees may be assessed for certain electronic waste. Items could include miscellaneous surplus electronics; appliances, regardless of condition; televisions, VCRs, etc.; freon-containing equipment – refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners; calculators; telephones; printers; non-hazardous lab equipment; electrical equipment, including motors regardless of condition. E-mail Al Cartwright or call 2215 with questions. (Sorry, no outside items accepted; must be from University offices.)