Phone-A-Thon Callers have another record year!

Every year, the Advancement Office hires about 20 students for the Alumni Phone-A-Thon, and they are tasked with (cold) calling UW-Green Bay alumni to ask for updates and a donation to support student scholarships at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. After 1,270 calling hours, a multitude of “no’s” and hours of exceptionally uncreative voice messages, these students pulled out another Phone-A-Thon record in support for UW-Green Bay. The final total is $60,517, which development specialist Tracy Heaser of Advancement reports is a 9 percent increase over last year’s record. If you see Kate Akerboom, Jess Amelse, Kristi Auner, Sarah Busko, Emily Carroll, Janae Due, Brianna Hansen, Breanna Hanson, Savannah Hornbacher, Sydne Johnson, Rebecca Krizan, Lizzy Kroll, Chloe Krueger, Marti Kuimjian, Lindsey LaBissoniere, Jenevieve Lee, Casi Schatzman, Brook Theama, or Alex Vahlsing, please extend them a “congratulations” for their hard work, positivity and efforts to support their University. Go Phoenix!

Alumni Phone-a-Thon team sets new over-the-phone record

Some serious congratulations are in order for our crack team of UW-Green Bay Phone-a-Thon callers, who set an all-time monetary milestone Wednesday (April 17), hitting — and exceeding — the $50,000 mark in pledges for the first time ever. In the past, we’ve shared some pretty impressive fundraising totals with you, and this over-the-phone-only record (in the event’s 16th year) certainly fits in with that list.

Development officer and alumni Phone-a-Thon coordinator Tracy Heaser has high praise for her hard-working student team, which dialed up UWGB grads for 85 nights since last fall — and rightfully so! She’s thanking them with chocolate; we’re giving them props here. No students called every night, but every student called some nights … so kudos to that larger team including Kristi Auner, Danielle Brocker, Mackenzie Daley, Kaylie Fisher, Morgan Hansen, Farin Ludtke, Holly Troeller, Katelyn Staaben, Anna Amelse, Anastasia McCain, Paul Heitman, Carli DeFelice, Kelsey Ginnel, Ashten Bartel, Sarah Busko, Morgen Clarey and Sara Lueth — not to mention Heaser herself, without whom the dialing for dollars record wouldn’t have been possible.