More Phactoids: Buried forest, teaching awards, Spielmann on ‘Noon Ball’

The countdown to our 50th anniversary continues. New since our last edition of the Log:
• About 12,000 years ago, the UWGB campus was a cool-weather boreal forest, advancing north as the glaciers retreated. Then, the glaciers came back, burying that forest a few dozen feet below the paths, trees, lawns and roads that occupy the surface landscape today. What excavators found in 1991
• It seemed like the sun always shined on outdoor commencement at UWGB (at a minimum, there was hardly a rainout for 25 years) until that streak stopped. Permanently.
• The University turns 50 this year, and Prof. Harvey Kaye’s Historical Perspectives Lecture Series turns 30 with a visit by a conservative heavyweight.
• With about 2 percent of the state’s professoriate, UW-Green Bay has excelled at winning state-teacher of the year honors, taking about 12 percent of the available statewide awards.
• The musical scene of the old BlueWhale Coffeehouse is fondly remembered by a generation of alumni.
• The old Phoenix Sports Center saw its share of pickup basketball games involving current students, alumni, faculty and staff. No less an expert than the unofficial commissioner of ‘Noon Ball,’ the retired Dan Spielmann, shares memories of favorite players.

More ‘Phactoids’: Dick Lien, Music and Arts, Chili Cookoff, Prof. Moran

The countdown to our 50th anniversary continues. New since our last edition of the Log:
The April 1982 press conference at which UWGB administrators introduced respected, well-liked assistant Dick Lien as the new men’s basketball coach would have broken the internet had it occurred today.
• Prof. Trinidad Chavez had a Sound Idea for a show/jazz choir, and the University had itself a scholarship troupe of musical ambassadors.
Jazz Fest has nearly a 50-year history, and with top alumni including drummer Carl Allen returning to help out, it just keeps rolling along.
• It was Sheepshead Revue for Vol. 1, No. 1 in February 1975. Now Sheepshead Review, the UW-Green Bay literary publication is enjoying arguably its greatest success.
• Care to see a picture of Tim Sewall, who is today an interim administrator in student affairs, being a good sport by wearing a hot icy-silver costume for the 2003 Chili Cookoff? We’ve got it.
• UW-Green Bay has had an impressive recent run of UW System professor-of-the-year honorees. The recognition program began in 1992, and by 1993 UWGB had its first winner: Joseph Moran of Natural and Applied Sciences.
• Time was when UWGB Summer Music Camps held their closing camp concerts behind Theatre Hall (then known as the Creative Communication Building) and borrowed a “stage” in the form of the old Green Bay Parks department’s “Showmobile.” We have a photo.

More ‘Phactoids’: Ban the Car, Alma Mater, Bill Clinton

The countdown to our 50th anniversary continues. New since our last edition of the Log:
• Back in the early 1970s, some eco-minded student activists had it in for gas-guzzling cars. They even tried a Ban the Car picket line at one point. A classic snapshot from early UWGB.
• Who wrote the words and music for the stately UW-Green Bay Alma Mater? And what are those words, again?
• An all-ages crowd packed the old gymnasium at the Kress Center Oct. 19, 2012 to see former U.S. President Bill Clinton, stumping for the Democratic ticket. It was the first major public appearance by a sitting or former U.S. president on the UW-Green Bay campus.

More ‘Phactoids’: London, corn tent, recycling

The countdown to our 50th anniversary continues. New since our last edition of the Log:
• A large contingent of UW-Green Bay students — more than 100 juniors and seniors, which back then was close to 5 percent of the student body — spent January 1970 in London with the new university’s first overseas study tour.
• UW-Green Bay alumni were big supporters of Bayfest and the Alumni Corn Tent during the heyday of the former campus festival. Corny memories and costumes.
• We linked to this page from Friday’s Log Extra newsletter. If you missed it, UWGB was ahead of its time in the collection of recyclables.

Countdown continues with more Phoenix Phactoids

The countdown to our 50th anniversary continues. New since our last edition of the Log:
• The amazing UW-Green Bay women’s basketball program had its two greatest seasons earlier this decade, with a trip to the Sweet 16 one year and an AP Top 10 finish the next. For a vintage photo and more.
• Did you know early UWGB had its own marching band? Yes, and the hometown Green Bay Packers supported the effort.
UW-Green Bay on the West Side? An early frontrunner at the time of site selection in the mid-1960s was land near Highway 41 and West Mason Street.
Childcare on campus: For a quarter century a facility existed on campus to provide daytime childcare for faculty, staff and students. (Patricia Schoenbeck, director of the center, shares recollections of those days.)
• Students at the new UW-Green Bay reacted with a peaceful march, candelight vigil and a series of meetings and teach-ins to the May 1970 shootings at Kent State.
• UW-Green Bay plays soccer (and not football) as its primary fall sport upon the recommendation of legendary NFL Coach Vince Lombardi, an adviser to Founding Chancellor Edward Weidner in the late 1960s.
The Legend of the Face Pot, and how some creative Creative Communication faculty started a new legend for the groundbreaking of their new academic building in the 1970s, is recalled.