Prof. Carr releases new podcast, ‘Writing Across the Universe’ with John Jackson Miller

Just released, the Serious Fun podcast was recorded at the Brown County Library’s Comic-Con. In this episode, UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication and Information Science) sits down with Scribe award-winning author John Jackson Miller. Miller, the writer of countless comics, novels, and more for franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Simpsons, talks about the challenges of working in established universes, the process of writing comics in a digital age, the perils of focusing too much on canonicity and continuity, and so much more, in a wide-ranging and entertaining discussion that is a must-listen for any aspiring writer or fan.

Serious Fun podcast recording with guest Carli Ihde

New ‘Serious Fun’ podcast episode: Carr interviews artist Ihde

Serious Fun Podcast Art
Serious Fun Podcast

“Serious Fun,” the Phoenix Studios podcast with UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science) that examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives, has a new episode featuring guest comic book artist and illustrator Carli Ihde. The episode was recorded live at the Brown County Library Comic-Con event that took place at the Central Library on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Listen to the new episode.

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New ‘Serious Fun’ podcast with Associate Prof. Bryan Carr

Serious Fun Podcast Art
Serious Fun Podcast

Serious Fun,” the Phoenix Studios podcast with UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science) that examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives, has a new episode featuring UW-Green Bay’s Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology, Human Development). Listen to the new episode.

New “Serious Fun” podcast with Prof. Bryan Carr

Serious Fun,” the Phoenix Studios podcast featuring UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science) that examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives, makes a triumphant return for a new season with the first part of a countdown to Comic-Con. With a plethora of new games, movies and comics coming out this fall, Spider-Mania is alive and well — but what is it about Spider-Man that makes him endure, and why do we care about him as much as we do? University of Colorado Boulder Associate Prof. J. Richard Stevens (Media Studies) sits down with Carr to talk about the character, his enduring faith in humanity, his origins as a borderline horror character and why we love this spider-guy so much. Listen to the new episode

UW-Green Bay’s Philip Clampitt says social media helps build reputation

Making sure your résumé looks professional when searching for jobs is important, but social media is becoming an efficient tool to show offs kills and professionalism to hiring managers. Philip Clampitt, UW-Green Bay Chair of Communication and Information Science, was interviewed by Post Crescent on the role of social media in job search. “You build your reputation on LinkedIn, or even Facebook, by talking about projects, things you’ve done in class, presentations you’ve made, or experiences you’ve had to show you’re continually learning,” he says. Clampitt is the author of “Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations.” Full story available via the Post-Crescent

Schreiber Foods highlights recent graduate, Dryer

We are unable to link to the story, but Schreiber Foods recently highlighted Amber Dryer ’17 in its internal newsletter. An intern at Schreiber since 2015, she was noted for for her recent Chancellor’s Award. The Computer Science, Information Science and Spanish major was recently named IS customer support analyst for the company.

‘Serious Fun’ podcasts now live

On Oct. 7, 2017 UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science), backed up by Psychology Chair Ryan Martin and Interim Dean Chuck Rybak (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science), recorded two episodes of the Phoenix Studios podcast “Serious Fun” live at the Brown County Library Comic-Con. Both of those special live episodes are now available to the public and on iTunes. Details on the two episodes are as follows:

·         Episode #6: An interview with artist and writer Mike Norton, creator of the Eisner and Harvey award-winning web comic “Battlepug,” political satire strip “Lil’ Donnie” and co-creator of the horror noir comic “Revival.” Mike talked about his work on these as well as on major superhero comics, his creative influences, his connection to Wisconsin and more!

·         Episode #7: A special crossover-show between Serious Fun and fellow Phoenix Studios podcast “All The Rage.” Carr, Martin and Rybak sit down to discuss the enduring popularity of the Incredible Hulk as well as how the character represents the psychological dimensions of anger in both constructive and negative ways. Discussions about how other comic book superheroes discuss anger as well as positive and negative depictions of anger in popular culture are also presented. (This episode will also be released later as a special episode of “All the Rage,” as well).

Capital Credit Union donated $5,000 for GenCyber Camp

From left to right: Tom Young (President of Capital Credit Union); Ron Pfeifer (Associate Chancellor for External Affairs); Andrea Felmer (University Services Program Associate, Camps & Conferences); Meagan Strehlow (Director of Education Outreach and College Credit in High School); Jason Mathwig (Director of Camps & Conferences); Assistant Prof. Ankur Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information & Computing Sciences); Joy Ruzek (Executive Director of the Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement); Joel Williquette (Vice President/CIO, Capital Credit Union)

Capital Credit Union donated $5,000 to UW-Green Bay’s GenCyber Camp (July 31 through August 4) at UW-Green Bay. The only one of its kind in Wisconsin this summer, the no-cost camp targets Northeast Wisconsin students in grades 7-9 traditionally underrepresented in computer science fields of study and careers. The mission of the program is to attract, educate and inspire a new generation of college bound students to the critical field of cybersecurity. UW-Green Bay’s Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement was also awarded a grant from the GenCyber program to host the camp with funding provided from the National Security Agency. The funds will be used for additional camper opportunities and educational technology.

Carr to speak at ‘Wonder Woman Day’ event Saturday, June 3

Assistant Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication and Information Science) is a guest speaker at the Wonder Woman Day event at the Brown County Public Library this Saturday, June 3. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Central Branch (Pine St.) Green Bay. Carr will present at 11 a.m. Participants can expect arts and crafts, food trucks, a costume contest and other fun activities.