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“The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is launching an executive Impact MBA program. The program is open to students of all educational backgrounds, even those without the formal undergraduate business degrees or coursework required for entry into most MBA programs.” Read more via UW-Green Bay debuts Impact MBA program | Insight on Business

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Calling all business revolutionaries! UW-Green Bay’s new and innovative executive IMPACT MBA Program is seeking its first cohort of students

Applications now being accepted; prior business degree is not a prerequisite

Green Bay, WI—While the slogan “Don’t Fear the Revolution—Lead It!” might conjure up images of an army in the streets, fear not. In this case, the “revolution” is technological, and the “leaders” are local business leaders invested in ensuring that our region is not left behind.

It’s in the spirit of a business revolution that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s executive IMPACT MBA Program was launched. And it’s now accepting applicants—including those who have demonstrated great professional success, but lack the formal undergraduate business degrees or coursework required for entry into most MBA programs.

“We’re looking for people with a visionary outlook,” says Mathew Dornbush, dean of UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin School of Business. “Business leaders who can see that the world is changing at a pace and in ways that make it difficult for many businesses to adapt. This program is looking for those leaders confident in their ability to be the agents of positive transformation for their organizations, and the Impact MBA is designed to prepare them for that role.”

That “change,” often referred to as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, describes the fusion of accelerating technology, disruptive business landscapes, and growing social and environmental opportunities that are impacting businesses at every level. The IMPACT MBA program prepares business leaders to think differently to keep pace with those emerging business challenges.

Why IMPACT? After completing the program, the biggest impact, says Dornbush, will be on those participants who see themselves as change-agents. “We focus on your personal leadership transformation and the impact you can make on your organization as it faces an exponentially changing business environment.”

While the content is revolutionary, the program itself is designed to accommodate busy people with lives to live. In less than two years, a cohort class of around 25 students will learn together through a hybrid curriculum in both face-to-face and online sessions. All material is presented by UW-Green Bay’s internationally recognized, award-winning faculty with an impressive history of success in academic and business environments. And as far as the cost impact, at $48,000, the IMPACT MBA offers the lowest cost in the region for a hybrid on-campus/online executive MBA.

True to UW-Green Bay’s community-centric identity, the IMPACT MBA is open to all educational backgrounds. An innovative “business bootcamp” will be available, if needed.

See the video from program leaders.

Is the IMPACT MBA right for you and your business? Don’t delay as space is limited for each cohort of students. Interested students can learn more and apply for admission to the program immediately.



UW-Green Bay’s new and innovative executive IMPACT MBA Program is seeking its first cohort of students for the fall semester

There’s no other program like it in the state. Applications now being accepted; prior business degree is not a prerequisite. Subjects covered include Interactive Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Banking Models, Blockchain and more. Structured as a blend of online and face-to-face classes, and the complete program takes less than 2 years with summers off. (Attach release link when live)

UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin School of Business introduces new Executive in Residence, Oliver Buechse

Green Bay, Wis.—The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay announced that Oliver Buechse has been named executive in residence for the Cofrin School of Business, beginning Feb. 1. Buechse will focus his work on digital transformation.

Oliver Buechse
Oliver Buechse

Buechse has evolved in recent years as a leading advocate for digital transformation in the State.  He is the CEO of Advancing Digital, continuing the journey that he began as co-founder and executive director of Advancing AI Wisconsin. He also initiated the Digital County movement in the State. Buechse further brings to UW-Green Bay a strong record of transformational leadership within the banking industry, including his role as chief strategy officer for Associated Bank from 2010-2015. Buechse holds a Ph.D. in Economic Psychology from Alpen Adria University, in Austria.

“One of the central focuses of the Cofrin School of Business and our forward-looking Executive Impact MBA, is to prepare the current Northeast Wisconsin workforce to thrive in the age of digital transformation and to be confident in engaging in this external and dynamic period of experimentation,” said Mathew Dornbush, dean of the Cofrin School of Business. “Growing our relationship with Titletown Tech, for instance, is clearly centered on this vision, and we believe that Oliver can help us focus our vision and create new, dynamic partnerships to further our goals as a college and a University.”

Preparing the workforce of tomorrow will require a new approach in development and delivery, Buechse says.

“The education sector is the key to ensuring economic prosperity in Northeast Wisconsin and the State overall as we head into an era of significant technological and economic transformation, Buechse says. “Preparing the workforce of tomorrow, retraining the workforce of today and creating a space where business leaders learn with each other and from each other, all require that we bring a deeper understanding of disruptive technologies and the resulting change dynamics to our faculty, students and regional stakeholders. It is truly exciting to work with the visionary leadership at the Cofrin School of Business on tackling these challenges.”

Dornbush says that Buechse has come to the Cofrin School of Business “at the ideal time, when many of these visions are converging into reality.” “Oliver will provide a critical resource to the faculty and staff within the School of Business to better integrate these changes into different courses, programs and student engagement activities, while helping connect the Cofrin School with the digital experimentation ongoing in the Northeast Wisconsin business ecosystem.”

Buechse follows the former and first-ever executive in residence, Tim Weyenberg, retired CEO of Foth Companies, who served in the role from 2014 through 2016.


Top 10 UW-Green Bay news stories of 2018

Thank you to our readers for another great year. UW-Green Bay news editors are grateful to the UW-Green Bay community for reading and sharing UW-Green Bay news. Take a look back at top headlines of 2018 (based on web analytics).

1. Commencement Speaker Xiong tells graduates, ‘Create your own paj ntaub story’


Tears of pride and joy, for her family, her Hmong heritage, her UW-Green Bay family, flowed freely as graduate Bao Nhia Xiong ’18 spoke at the UW-Green Bay Spring Commencement ceremony at the Kress Events Center, Saturday, May 12, 2018. She was chosen to speak on behalf of her graduating class by UW-Green Bay faculty.

Comparing the student journey to a paj ntaub story — the Hmong art of adding intricate embroidery to traditional Hmong clothing — Xiong encouraged her fellow students to hold onto three distinct threads as they create their own paj ntaub: Family, university community and the spirit of giving back. See more.

2. UW-Green Bay offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing starting in 2020

The University received approval from the UW Board of Regents August 24, 2018 to move ahead in offering a prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, paving the way for students to begin in fall 2020. The program will expand UW-Green Bay’s ability to fulfill unmet student demand for a high-quality BSN degree at an affordable tuition cost. See more.

3. UW-Green Bay names leaders at Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan campuses

Provost Greg Davis announced Friday, July 20, 2018 the new leaders of the branch campuses — Cindy Bailey at Marinette, Rachele Bacik at Manitowoc and Jennifer Williamson-Mendez at Sheboygan. See more.

4. UW-Green Bay Mechanical Engineering gets the green light

Engineering control panel

UW-Green Bay’s efforts to establish an in-region resource for developing highly needed mechanical engineering talent in Northeast Wisconsin took a gigantic step forward Feb. 9, 2018 with the UW System Board of Regents approving the University’s request to offer the new program on its campus. UW-Green Bay began accepting freshmen into the program in Fall 2018. See more.

5. ‘Future 15’ members have UW-Green Bay ties

Future 15 Trio

Out of the thousands of young professionals in the Greater Green Bay area, hundreds are nominated and 15 are highlighted to represent their peers. They are selected because they have the potential to lead their communities, their places of work, their families. They are Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce’s Current Young Professionals Future 15. More impressive, three of the 15 chosen this year are employees of UW-Green Bay and four are UW-Green Bay alumni. See more.

6. UW-Green Bay alumna provides purrrfect comfort, delicious drinks and cat cuddles

Elizabeth Feldhousen at Cat Café

Imagine relaxing in a comfortable chair after a long day. Sipping a delicious beverage and taking in the calm atmosphere around you as you nuzzle a warm, furry feline purring on your lap. The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Cat Café, owned by UW-Green Bay alumna Elizabeth Feldhausen ‘15, gives the Green Bay community the opportunity to experience it all.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Cat Café is a non-profit, no-kill, no-cage pet sanctuary that rescues cats with special needs from euthanasia. The Cat Café is the first in the region. The cats are given a home in the Cat Café, a cozy cafe that allows customers to interact with, and be surrounded by cats. According to Feldhausen, the goal of the cafe is to create a psychologically pleasing atmosphere to encourage healing, and to build confidence in cats. See more.

7. UW-Green Bay’s Weidner Center hosts Inaugural TEDx Series in Green Bay

Speaker Composite Image

UW-Green Bay brought its first independently organized TEDx series titled TEDxUW-GreenBay to the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts on Nov. 1 2018. The theme was RISING. “We are often faced with barriers and unanticipated challenges,” says TEDxUW-Green Bay organizers. “Rising above challenges is the hallmark of resilience and the pathway to a brighter future. The series featured eight established speakers discussing various topics.” See more.

8. UW-Green Bay footprint grows as it is joined by campuses in Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan


On July 1, UW-Green Bay, UW-Marinette, UW-Manitowoc and UW-Sheboygan joined together as one university with one mission. The new UW-Green Bay is a four-campus university with a 16-county footprint, 700 ongoing employees and an enrollment of about 7,700 students. See more.

9. UW-Green Bay prepares to roll out State’s first Impact MBA Program

UW-Green Bay received approval on Friday, August 24, 2018, to move ahead with an “Impact MBA” administrated by the University’s Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. An Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, the Impact MBA prepares working, experienced professionals to lead their organizations forward through the modern era of accelerating technology, disruptive business landscapes and growing social and environmental opportunities. UW-Green Bay’s program offers a unique approach to business leadership training in the state of Wisconsin. The program will begin in Summer 2019.

10. UW-Green Bay students network with Kohler executive leaders


On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, UW-Green Bay students had the opportunity to have lunch at Lambeau Field and network with Kohler executive leaders from across the globe. Twenty-six students participated in the mentoring event, and were given the chance to interact with the executives to learn about career pathways, qualities and skills for success and overall thoughts on the global employment and marketplace. See more.


UW-Green Bay to be recognized at New North Summit

UW-Green Bay will be recognized at the New North Summit, an all-day event caters to economic development professionals, entrepreneurs, educational and community leaders and human resource specialists, will be taking place on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center. UW-Green Bay will be recognized for its flurry of new projects and programs, including the STEM Innovation, the Richard J. Resch School of Engineering and an Impact MBA program. Read more.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Prepares to Roll Out State’s First Impact MBA Program

UW Regents endorse new program for the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Green Bay, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay received approval on Friday, August 24, 2018, to move ahead with an “Impact MBA” administrated by the University’s Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. An Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, the Impact MBA prepares working, experienced professionals to lead their organizations forward through the modern era of accelerating technology, disruptive business landscapes and growing social and environmental opportunities. UW-Green Bay’s program offers a unique approach to business leadership training in the state of Wisconsin. The program will begin in Summer 2019.

“This is not a traditional MBA program,” said Interim Dean of the Cofrin School of Business Mathew Dornbush. “Most MBA programs focus on traditional business courses at a higher level. The Impact MBA is an 18-month program that prepares executives to capitalize on the complexities of the modern business environment where the rate of change is truly unprecedented. Graduates of this program will make positive impacts in their companies, communities and industries.”

Courses will be delivered using a combination of face-to-face instruction, independent work, and online course offerings. According to Dornbush, the program is designed to satisfy all of the requirements specified by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) as well as the graduation requirements for UW-Green Bay. The program was developed in partnership with regional CEO’s from Northeast Wisconsin and will be a foundational program for the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business.

“As a university we are focused on meeting the cultural, social, and economic needs of Northeast Wisconsin,” notes Dornbush. “The manner by which the faculty of the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business have embraced this vision and worked with local leaders to develop this innovative program is evidence of the leadership Chancellor Miller has brought to our campus, and the extent of what we can accomplish together when we focus on partnership above all else. This is an inspired program, and a great step forward for our business college.”

UW-Green Bay’s Impact MBA program also has a novel “boot camp” component, recognizing that successful businesses are run by individuals from various backgrounds who do not always have a traditional business degree. Applicants to the program will have their professional and world experiences considered as qualifications to enter the program in lieu of traditional bachelor’s business degree coursework. “If we see an applicant that has the right business experience that equates to what a student would receive in an undergraduate level course, we’re going to recognize that experience as evidence of their readiness to enter our Impact MBA program,” Dornbush noted. “When deficiencies are found, we will work with the students to bring them up to speed and ready for success.”

“This MBA program is different from traditional business programs,” Dornbush said. “It is designed to deliver an impactful return to the businesses, which will be sending their employees to the program,” said retired Foth and CEO and Chairman Tim Weyenberg. “Throughout my career, I have understood the importance of continually developing leaders throughout organizations, and UW-Green Bay’s program is positioned to develop thought leaders for the entire region.”

UW-Green Bay has been offering outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting and business administration since its founding in 1965. This program is designed to meet the needs of the third largest metropolitan and economic region in the state, serving diverse and innovative business communities from Sheboygan to Marinette and everywhere in between.

“There is a tremendous need for the Impact MBA in our region and beyond,” says Craig Dickman, founder of Breakthrough Fuel and member of the Board of Directors for the Green Bay Packers. “The Impact MBA will be welcomed by the community as a signature program to equip leaders and businesses in our region with the tools and mindset to navigate the challenges that we face. Growth is critical for Northeast Wisconsin, and this proposed program fills a void in our educational offerings.”

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