Culture and Child Development Lab seeking junior scientists (ages 5-7) for child development research

The Culture and Child Development Lab, led by Associate Prof. Sawa Senzaki (Human Development and Psychology), is looking for five- to seven-year-old children to participate in child development research. It will take one to two hours and one visit at the UW-Green Bay campus. The child will receive a small toy or book, and the family will receive a $15-$20 gift card for their participation. If you’re interested in helping our research, please email

Culture/Development Lab is looking for babies, toddlers for major study

UW-Green Bay’s Culture and Development Lab directed by Assistant Prof. Sawa Senzaki is looking for local parents interested in having their babies (5-18 months) participate in a major international study of baby’s social understanding. The study is part of a large international collaboration with Canadian and Japanese researchers. Senzaki is asking alumni, University employees and students with young children to consider volunteering for a visit. Participation is easy, with only a single 30- to 45-minute session in which the parent and the baby read some books and watch some short videos while Senzaki and her student research assistants observe. Participants will receive a small toy or a book as a token of appreciation. If you’re interested, please email Senzaki at or sign up at the website. “We really appreciate your help to have a better scientific understanding of infant development!”

Human Development’s Senzaki seeks infants for culture lab research

Do you have a baby around 3-12 months old? Assistant Prof. Sawa Senzaki, Human Development and Psychology, needs your help! Senzaki is seeking participants for her research, which is a part of an international collaboration with Japanese researchers looking at how babies think about other people in social settings. It takes about 45 minutes to participate, and researchers will ask you and your child to read a picture book and watch a puppet show on the computer. As a token of appreciation, your child will receive a book or small toy. Your participation will hugely help the ongoing research about infant development and the collaboration effort at UW-Green Bay! Please contact Senzaki at or 465-2711, and check out the website and the Facebook page.