Canonball Episode 11: Michelangelo’s David with Sam Watson

In this episode of Canonball, Ryan Martin and Chuck Rybak talk with Sam Watson about Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. Canonball is a podcast out of Phoenix Studios at UW-Green Bay that covers the great works from a variety of disciplines. From movies to film to literature to video games, hosts Chuck Rybak and Ryan Martin discusses all things canonical. Watch here.

CAHSS and Effect… Happy Hearts: Can these marriages be saved?

In this second installment of a new CAHSS and Effect regular, Jessica Van Slooten recommends romance novels. “One critique of the romance genre is that the happy endings hide everything that comes after—the often less than-happy reality of loving and building a life together. For folks who want to know what happens after the happily ever after, I have several suggestions for you. In Romancelandia, we love to categorize books by trope—common, recurring plots, character type, or other literary devices. This month’s novels fit the tropes of second chance love and/or marriage in crisis. These novels feature characters who previously had their happily ever after or happily for now, and have parted ways (second chance romance) and/or are fighting to stay together (marriage in crisis). Two recent novels deliver insightful commentary on the gender dynamics at play in heterosexual marriages.” See it, here.

CAHSS and Effect: Coury recommends ‘Parasite’

UW-Green Bay Prof. David Coury (Humanistic Studies and Global Studies) recommends watching “Parasite” in this CAHSS and Effect regular, “What You Should Be Watching.” By now, most people have heard about the unprecedented success of the South Korean film Parasite at this year’s Academy Awards. In case you missed it, Parasite is the first non-English language film ever to be awarded the Best Picture Oscar. Additionally, it also won Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film, a re-named category which used to be known as Best Foreign Language Film.

CAHSS and Effect talk with people involved with I Am Psyched! National Tour

CAHSS and Effect hosted a Q&A with individuals involved with planning the UW-Green Bay I Am Psyched! National Tour. The Q&A covers the creation of the event, student involvement and what they looked forward to the most when the tour visited campus. Those interviewed include Associate Prof. Christine Smith (Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies) and Psychology students Addison Hunter and Kailah Siggers. Read the interview here.

Associate Prof. Bryan Carr discusses Yakuza video games for CAHSS and Effect

Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication) recommends the Yakuza video games in the second installment of Random Encounter on CAHSS and Effect. Carr writes “in the grand arc of video game history, we are at the point where obscurity is now a relative concept—since distribution has exponentially improved and online chatter has talked up even the most bizarre concepts and franchises to a pseudo-mainstream level—but there are still series that are so uniquely committed to carving out their own specific corner of the medium that they’ll never quite hit the heights of a Call of Duty or Super Mario, but are absolutely still worth your time and energy. With that in mind, you should play the Yakuza games.”  Read the rest of his recommendation here.