Sabbaticals approved for eight UW-Green Bay professors

To enhance their teaching and scholarship, eight UW-Green Bay faculty members have been granted sabbaticals for 2010-2011.

Announcement of the sabbatical assignments was made at the December meeting of the UW System Board of Regents.

Sabbaticals offer faculty in-depth study opportunities to develop new directions and knowledge in their fields and incorporate them in their classroom activities.

Associate Provost Timothy Sewall announced that three UW-Green Bay faculty members have received sabbatical leaves for the full academic year:

Clifton Ganyard, associate professor of Humanistic Studies — Prof. Ganyard will examine the secret state police forces in Germany and Japan during the 1930s and 1940s. The project relates to the learning goals of intercultural knowledge and individual and social responsibility as well.

Warren Johnson, associate professor of Human Biology — Prof. Johnson will be working on a textbook for non-science majors that will help them analyze the issues as society seeks to make wise use of biotechnology.

E. Nicole Meyer, professor of Humanistic Studies (French) — Prof. Meyer will complete a manuscript that focuses on the representation of family and childhood in five French and Francophone women’s autobiographies; develop a Great Works course; and substantially revise her courses on autobiography through incorporation of new research.

Faculty members granted sabbatical leaves for one semester are:

Peter Breznay, associate professor of Information and Computing Science — Prof. Breznay will have leave in spring 2011 to obtain needed expertise in software which is based on web servers running on Microsoft’s .NET platform, using the programming language C#. Proposed outcomes include a program suite to create a modeling and simulation framework to study “Emerging Intelligence in Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Programming.”

Heidi Fencl, associate professor of Natural and Applied Sciences — Prof. Fencl will have a leave in the fall of 2010 to develop an online problem-solving tutorial for introductory college physics.

Cheryl Grosso, professor of Arts and Visual Design (music) — Prof. Grosso will have leave in spring 2011 to develop an interdisciplinary course centering on the life’s work of avant garde composer John Cage, who influenced all art forms. A result of this leave will be composition of work for a large ensemble to be performed by UW-Green Bay students.

Laurel Phoenix, associate professor of Public and Environmental Affairs — Prof. Phoenix will have leave in spring 2011 to examine environmental policies of the eight states and two Canadian provinces that border the Great Lakes. Her study will examine sustainable municipal land policies; industrial, sewage, and agricultural land policies; water allocations laws; and water quality enforcement. The study seeks to provide a blueprint for Great Lakes policy-makers and elected officials to join these fragmented but interdependent policies and laws.

Denise Scheberle, professor of Public and Environmental Affairs — Prof. Scheberle will have a leave in the fall of 2010 to complete a book of case studies and stories for use in her Environmental Law class, and revamp the class so that it can be taught using an interactive online learning experience.


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