UW-Green Bay launches on-demand, self-paced ‘Reward and Responsibilities of Board Service’ training for non-profit leaders

GREEN BAY, WI – Are you ready to have a larger impact as a non-profit board member? There is a large and growing need in our communities for effective nonprofit board members who understand their governing role. UW-Green Bay plans to develop more individuals of all ages and stages who are equipped with this essential knowledge by launching an on-demand, self-paced training ‘Rewards and Responsibilities of Board Service.’

This course was developed by the Nonprofit Education and Development Network (Nonprofit Network) and is designed for existing or aspiring board members who want to improve the quality of life in their communities. The high-quality modules distill core knowledge into an individualized training that can be completed in 4-5 hours (in one or several sittings). The training reflects the various ways people like to learn and includes options to dig deeper or remain at a high level. Participants can work through the material independently ― or share and discuss it as a group.

Individuals may enroll in the course now, with content available December 2022. Group pricing will also be available. To learn more please visit the website. Individuals will learn:

Module 1: The Nonprofit Sector

An overview of the vital work being done by nonprofit organizations in U.S. society. Individuals will be encouraged to identify the causes that might compel them to serve on a governing board for a nonprofit organization they care about.

Module 2: Getting to Know Nonprofit Organizations

When serving as a board member, it’s important for an individual to understand the type of nonprofit organization they are serving and what it was established to do — its purpose and structure. This will help them understand its mission and how it operates, making a person a more effective director while making governance decisions with the board.

Module 3: The Governing Role in a Nonprofit

After learning a bit more about the characteristics that make nonprofits unique, let’s explore the crucial role of the board of directors in governing the organization. After completing this module, individuals will understand the basic responsibilities and roles of a board of directors and consider what a ‘high performing’ or ideal board looks like, reflecting on some common ways that boards veer off-track and hamper the organization’s viability.

Module 4: Essential Board Responsibilities

Having learned that there are many important activities nonprofit boards undertake to ensure the organization’s dual bottom line, i.e., its financial and mission sustainability, in this module individuals will develop a deeper understanding and a few key skills related to the three vital areas on which boards of directors must focus as they govern the nonprofit organization.

Module 5: Becoming an Active and Engaged Board Member

In this module, tasks and obligations of individual directors will be discussed, helping individuals discern how to use their own talents and assets to advantage as a board member.

Nonprofit organizations are doing vital work in U.S. society. The nonprofit sector is the diverse collection of organizations working for the common good in multiple ways and multiple focus areas.

UW-Green Bay’s Nonprofit Education and Development Network was created to specifically address the needs and challenges of nonprofit professionals and organizations, providing communities with jobs and valuable services.

You may also connect with the Nonprofit Network by signing up for regular communications. A sign up link is also available on the website. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about group pricing, please call or email Teri Zuege-Halvorsen, Executive Regional Manager, Continuing Professional Education, at zueget@uwgb.edu or 920-465-2862.

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