UW-Green Bay’s ‘Who’s Who’ award winners announced

Forty-one University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students will be listed in the 2010 edition of 
Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Students are listed in the publication based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success.

More than 1,900 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia confer this honor. Students will be recognized at an end-of-semester ceremony on campus on Friday, Dec. 18.

UW-Green Bay students who are recipients of the 2010 Who’s Who Among Students award include:
Laura Bartingale, Josey Bellin, Ashley Borman, Cassandra Byerly, Jonathan Carlson, Lindsey Douglas, Regina Elmer, Rachel Gerth, Chase Hedrick, Kimberly Insley, Amii John, Long Kha, Bridget Koeshall, May Kaying Lor, Megan Loritz, Amanda Luedtke, Maureen Malone, Holly Melander, Rochelle Meulemans, Eric Meyer, Gary Nevala, Andrea Pigeon, Nicole Popp, Shaun Raganyi, Kimberly Rieckmann, Amanda Rodenhauser, Beth Rodenhauser, Tyler Rosenberg, Katelyn Santy, Tanya Schmidt, Nicolas Schwei, Kayla Tetschlag, Allison Thut, Joshua Vanden Busch, Nicholas Vlies, Audrey Warrington, Alicia Wheeler, Anton Williams, Cristy Yang, Deborah Young, and Amy Zellner.


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