UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center hires adjunct counselors

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has hired two adjunct counselors, Jim Hauer, Sr., and Lucy Waldhuetter.

Hauer and Waldhuetter will offer no-cost assistance to current small business owners, entrepreneurs and those researching business opportunities to guide them through product commercialization and provide market research to fuel business growth, said Ryan Kauth, SBDC director. They are the first adjuncts for the center.

Hauer has experience in large and small businesses, and has a thorough understanding of the interrelationships between sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing and technical disciplines. He has worked at a variety of local businesses and has founded and owned several companies. Hauer is a U.S. Navy veteran and was a teacher in Algoma.

Waldhuetter has been advising entrepreneurs and businesses to accelerate start-ups, as well as growing existing businesses and building a stable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region for companies in Milwaukee and Northeastern Wisconsin. Waldhuetter, who is multilingual, is a business owner and consultant.

Both Hauer and Waldhuetter currently are taking appointments for December. Interested parties can call the SBDC at (920) 496-2114 or email sbdc@uwgb.edu to schedule an appointment.

The UW-Green Bay Small Business Development Center is part of a statewide network serving businesses and entrepreneurs through a variety of programs and other resources. Its mission is to champion entrepreneurial growth in the 18-county New North region. More information about the SBDC is available at www.uwgb.edu/sbdc.


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