Center for Public Affairs to release government spending, performance report

UW-Green Bay’s Center for Public Affairs (CFPA) will release the second installment in its series of Policy Snapshot Reports Tuesday, Nov. 11, focusing on government spending and performance as local public entities plan their budgets for the year.

“Connecting the Dots: Public Performance and Financial Trends in Brown County and the City of Green Bay” is designed to provide elected officials, community leaders and citizens with a single document that tracks fiscal and performance data in Green Bay and Brown County during a five-year period. The report details how government spending and performance have changed over time and what, if anything, these changes mean for stated organizational goals and mission statements.

“Although local governments significantly impact the lives of their citizens on a daily basis, the information needed to assess what types of services are provided, how much they cost and how they change over time often can be dispersed across a variety of budget documents and financial reports,” said UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs. “The purpose of this report is to give elected officials, community leaders and citizens a single document that tracks governmental performance and fiscal data in Brown County and the City of Green Bay. The development of an even greater number of indicators that are easily accessible to the public also is encouraged.”

Helpap led the Policy Snapshot research team, along with UW-Green Bay senior and CFPA research scholar Renee Christensen. The full Snapshot Report will be available on the CFPA website,, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 11. The 2013 Policy Snapshot Report, on the hot-button issue of school vouchers, can be viewed there, as well.

UW-Green Bay’s Center for Public Affairs aims to enhance civic engagement and quality of life in Northeastern Wisconsin through research, opportunities for students, continuing educational programs and more. Its director, Lora Warner, was the principal investigator for the large-scale Leading Indicators for Excellence, or LIFE Study, in 2011. The unprecedented, 1 ½ year study examined a host of quality of life indicators in Northeastern Wisconsin. For more information about the CFPA and the LIFE Study, click the following links: and


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